A short guide for cigar and whiskey pairing

Daniel Stauffer September 16, 2019
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Believed by many to be one of the most exquisite and luxurious drinks, whiskey is one of the top choices for cigar pairing. The aroma of the drink and the alcohol percentage is perfect for it to be a mate for the cigar. There are many ways in which you can pair these two and we listed some tips and tricks to help you get a start on this tasty journey.

1. Young whiskey and cigars

Young whiskey can be defined as whiskey that has not been aged for very long. This type of whiskey is widely found in many stores and the price range is quite low. This particular type of drink is very pleasant and it can be enjoyed by many smokers.

The taste itself is not very strong or pungent and this is why this drink is best paired with medium-bodied cigars like Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robustos. These types of cigars have a mid-range strength and they are versatile. Many smokers enjoy them and the main trait that makes them perfect for this pair is that the aromas will not overlap each other.

Also, this type of whiskey can have an acidic undertone due to the young age. This is why the best tastes that can be matched are earth or wood. This way the aromas will complement in a very fine blend.

2. Aged whiskey and cigars

Aged whiskey comes in many forms and shapes, just like aged cigars. In general, the whiskey that is left for aging is kept in wooden barrels and this will also contribute to the end aroma. Nevertheless, these drinks have a very unique aroma and they are very different from their younger brothers.

Aged whiskey has a stronger aroma and a very interesting personality. This type of whiskey is best paired with a partner that has the same strength and aroma. For the 12-year-old whiskeys, the best match is a medium to full-bodied cigars like Trinidad Robusto Extra. These cigars share the same strength as the whiskey and this is why they are such a good match.

3. Malt whiskey and cigars

Malt whiskey, just as the name says, it is mainly made from malt. This thing contributes to a sweeter and smoother taste of the drink. These drinks are produced everywhere in the world but they mainly originated from Scotland.

They have delicious taste and they can be paired with many types of cigars. The range of cigars that work with these goes from light-bodied to full-bodied and this is why this type of whiskey is considered one of the best matches for cigars.

Besides, thanks to the sweeter taste, these whiskeys are beautifully paired with cigars that have sweet aromas and even licorice and honey.

4. Grain whiskey and cigars

Grain whiskey comes from Scotland and Ireland but it is very popular all over the world. Thanks to the grain in the mix, the whiskey is on the more bitter and sour side and this is what gives it such a unique taste.

This whiskey best works with light or medium-bodied cigars because they share the bitterness of the whiskey. More than that, this drink can be easily paired with cigars that have the natural tobacco flavor or earth and wood.

5. Rye whiskey and cigars

Rye whiskey is mainly produced in the United States and Canada and it has a distinctive spicy taste. This whiskey is one of the most unique thanks to this aroma. The cigars that work the best are the spicy ones and the full-bodied ones.

The full-bodied cigars share the same powerful taste as this whiskey and the spicy cigars work very well because they share the same aroma range.

6. Blended whiskey and cigars

Blended whiskey is made from a multitude of grains and this is why it has some of the smoothest tastes in the whiskey family. It is very versatile and it can be paired with a multitude of cigars, especially the medium-bodied ones.

Whiskey is one of the best pairs for the cigars thanks to the similarity in flavor and you will enjoy this match.

Daniel Stauffer September 16, 2019

Smoking a Cuban cigar is like driving the latest luxury vehicle: easy, elegant and enjoyable. Habanos are my passion and sharing knowledge is my ultimate goal. Hope you enjoy reading my blog - Dan

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