Best Cigar Cutter

Before you can spark up a cigar, you’ll need a good cigar cutter to prepare that tasty smoke. This guide gives you a quick glance at what to look for when selecting the best cigar cutter and previews some of the best cutters on the market.

We’re not selling you a specific cigar cutter here! This article will give you the knowledge to better select the right cigar cutter for you.

Choosing the Right Cigar Cutter


To help zero in on the perfect cutter for the job, you will need to consider these five essential points

  • Size of the cutter: Are you looking for a desktop cutter for your home or office? Or do you need a cutter that is more compact and better suited for travel? If it might be a little of both and there are plenty of pocket-sized cutters sophisticated enough to use in either setting. 
  • Style of cutter – Compare guillotine, scissors, punch and V-cut. 
  • Ring gauge capability: Choose a cutter that will accommodate your favorite sizes. If you like a variety, then cutters with larger apertures are always a good decision for added versatility.
  • Blade quality: The harder the blade, the sharper and longer lasting they generally will be. Quality and sharpness are the keys to any successful cigar cutting experience.
  • Budget: There is a cutter for every occasion and seemingly every price point – expensive doesn’t automatically mean best!

Best Cigar Cutters


Choosing a cigar cutter that is versatile, high-quality, and razor-sharp will take your cigar smoking experience to the next level. Here are some of the best cutters to consider:

Best Cigar Cutters

Xikar Xi Series Double Guillotine

The game-changing Xikar Xi1 is simply one of the best all-around cigar cutters. Its solid construction, super hard stainless-steel blades, ability to cut cigars up to a 60-ring gauge, and lifetime warranty make for an impressive versatility and error-free cutting. 

S. T. Dupont MaxiJet Cigar Cutter

The sharp spring-loaded stainless-steel blades deliver a perfect double guillotine cut on cigars of up to a 52-ring gauge. While it won’t cut the biggest of cigars, this luxurious cutter handles most standard size cigars with the utmost precision and style.

Davidoff DuoCut Punch Cutter

The sophisticated DuoCut features not one but two different circular blades. The retracting 7mm and 9mm stainless steel blades let you cut a variety of cigar sizes up to a 70-ring gauge. Cut Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills with the greatest of ease. Its smooth twisting action and attached keyring make it the ultimate cutter while on the go.

Xikar VX2 V-Cutter

The VX2 takes the unique V-shaped wedge design of traditional V-cutters and puts it into a format more akin to guillotine style cutters. Its spring-loaded inverted “V” blade makes for a quick and precise V-cut that leaves your cigar of up to a 70-ring gauge with a beautifully formed wedge.  

Lotus Barracuda Serrated Cigar Cutter

Lotus continues to offer innovative cigar designs and the Barracuda Serrated Cigar Cutter is a perfect example. A smooth, swinging motion adds to powerful serrated edges of the stainless-steel guillotine blades to provide an efficient cut for up to a whopping 80-ring gauge. 

Colibri Quasar

The Colibri Quasar is the perfect desktop cigar cutter if you want the flexibility to use either a straight guillotine or V-cutter. Pick your style of cut and press down on the spring-loaded lever to make a clean precision, piston-powered cut. Gives you the flexibility to enjoy authentic Cuban cigars, such as the Bolivar Coronas Gigantes, with the style of cut that best suits the moment..

Vertigo Cigar Buddy

The all-metal Vertigo Cigar Buddy delivers versatility and value, with a single-blade guillotine, built-in bottle opener, corkscrew, and knife blade. This multi-tool is an ideal choice if you want to be prepared for any situation without breaking the budget.

Cutting your way to a great cigar experience


There is an added satisfaction that comes from preparing your cigars with your very own cigar cutter. Imagine taking out a Partagas Lusitania and not having a good cutter! After you have selected that perfect cutter, it is time to try it out on some authentic Cuban cigars. Put your new cutter to the test and treat yourself with the best Cuban cigars online!