Sizes of Cigar

Cigars come in a broad range of sizes for every taste and occasion but finding just the right one to suit your needs can seem difficult. Yet by understanding the different sizes of cigar and how they affect the cigar smoking experience, you will find the ideal size for you and enjoy a more gratifying smoke.

Cigar Size Chart

Since there are no specific rules for size put down by the industry, actual measurements can vary from one manufacturer to another and even between different lines under the same brand. This can cause some confusion along the way, making an understanding of cigar measurements all the more beneficial.

Familiarize yourself with the different sizes of cigars on the cigar size chart. This will aid in matching sizes to their corresponding names.

Cigar Sizes and Names

Distinct names have been given to the most popular cigars sizes over the years. There are no standardized rules for sizes, names, or even numerical designation, so there are variations from brand to brand. Most cigar manufacturers, however, generally adhere to traditional sizes and their corresponding names.

Here are a few examples of the most popular sizes:

Petit Corona: The H. Upmann Petit Corona is a classic 5” x 42 size, a great option when you have less than an hour to smoke.

Corona: A versatile smoke ideal for any time, the Montecristo No. 3 is an all-time favorite of this size.

Robusto: At just under 5 inches with a ring gauge of 50, the Partagas Serie D No. 4 is a much-revered example of this wildly popular size.

Lonsdale: A favorite size for connoisseurs. The Cohiba Siglo V is a prime example of this size range.

Toro: This size usually measures at or around 6” x 50. There are several variations, including the Robusto Extra and Double Robusto, of which the Montecristo Double Edmundo is a fine example.

Churchill: At 7” x 47, the legendary Romeo y Julieta Churchill is a perfect example of this larger smoke.

These names make it much easier for you and your tobacconist when searching for a particular size. They also add romance to the experience, with many names, such as Churchill and Lonsdale, having unique stories all their own.

Explore Cigar Sizes

Every cigar is different and you can’t try before your buy. Understanding cigar sizes is a good first step in finding cigars that will most fit your style and palate. This knowledge will help you explore the cigar world, in the most trusted online store for authentic Cuban cigars.