Cigar Shapes

Understanding cigar shapes will give you greater freedom in your search to find the perfect cigar. Dive into the world of shaped cigars and see how each shape affects the cigar experience.

Why Different Cigar Shapes

The straight, uniformly round cigars that dominate the market today are known as Parejos. Over the past Century, these grew in popularity due in part to standardized cigar production methods. A Parejo was ideal for ever-increasing demand as it was easier to make and more cost-effective than the once-popular Figurados or “shaped” cigars.

Unlike a Parejo, a Figurado is not uniformly straight from head to foot. It requires more time and a lot more skill to make. Any number of Figurados can often deliver a wholly different smoke from a Parejo of the same blend.

Cigar Shapes and Names

  • Parejo: These are the most common shapes for cigars. They are traditional cigars that are simply straight from head to foot with a rounded head.
  • Figurado: A general term that describes any cigar that has a distinct “figure” or “shaped” appearance. Figurado is also used by some cigar makers to denote a specific shape of their choosing.

Figurados allow cigar makers to bring a more artistic flair, a touch of modern style or even a sense of nostalgia to the cigar experience. As with the many cigar sizes available today, the diverse collection of cigar shapes also allows you to choose a cigar that fits your mood or fancy no matter the time or place. All of these cigar shapes are types of Figurado.

  • Torpedo: With the top portion of the cigar tapering to a point, this shape does indeed resemble a torpedo. Torpedo and Pyramid are often used interchangeably, although different in shape. The famous Montecristo No. 2 and Vegas Robaina Unicos are the finest examples in this range.
  • Pyramid: A shape that features a conical, pyramid-like taper the full length of the cigar. Often used interchangeably with Torpedo, even though different in appearance.
  • Perfecto: This iconic shape tapers at both ends with the widest circumference in the middle of the cigar. While not made in as great a number as they once were, these shapes can offer a great many delights.
  • Diadema: Similar to a Perfecto in that it tapers at both ends to varying degrees, yet it has a much larger, elongated shape. The Cuaba line of Cuban cigars offers several of these highly sophisticated shapes.
  • Belicoso: The body of this shape resembles a standard Parejo, yet the cigar has a slightly tapered pyramid-like head. The Bolivar Belicosos Fino is an exquisite full-flavored Belicoso.
  • Pigtail: A cigar with a cap that has been twisted to resemble a pigtail. Variations include rat tail, fantail, and curly head, amongst others. The Cohiba Behike 54 offers a beautiful example.

Discover the Many Shapes of Cigars

Understanding the different cigar shapes will make choosing a cigar easier, and your cigar smoking experience ultimately more satisfying. So, now it is time to put this knowledge to work and find your ideal cigar at your favorite online Cuban cigars shop today!