Partagas Chicos

Partagas Chicos

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  • Ring Guage: 27
  • Length: 110mm / 4.3 inches
  • Duration: 10 min
  • Strength: Medium - Full
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: Earthy
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The Partagas Chicos are a line of fine Cuban cigars manufactured in Havana. Handmade, the Partagas Chicos are produced with a Mini Panatela shape, akin to a bulky cigarillo. With a ring gauge of 30 and a generous 4,125 inches of length, the Partagas Chicos are small when compared to other shapes of cigars. They're sold in cardboard boxes of at least 5 cigars, wrapped in cellophane for protection. Having been in circulation for a while, the classic Partagas Chicos are by now a staple of the iconic Partagas brand, a senior in the vast expansive cigar market of today


Named after its founder, Don Jaime Partagas, the Cuban Partagas brand of cigars began its production in the year of 1827 in Cuba. With nearly two centuries of activity, the Partagas brand has established a solid reputation amongst cigar smokers worldwide and are now one of the most iconic names of exotic Cuban cigar-makers. With a vast array of different cigar shapes and flavours, it's hard for a cigar aficionado to not find at least one satisfying line of cigars belonging to the Partagas brand. The Partagas Chicos are fairly small; compact and robust, these cigars carry a lot of personality and have been marketed as the ideal quick strong smoke smoke. Aesthetically, the Partagas Chicos have a classical look and feel to them; the cigar is rough all around its edges, possessing a natural raw appearence. The medium brown wrapper has a complex web of veins all along its structure, making it appear rugged and charismatic. The Partagas Chicos come without a cap, so there's no need for these to be cut. The Partagas logo, with its usual red and gold colours, is present in a simple classic-looking band that finds itself wrapped around one end of the cigar. Pre-lit, the aroma of the Partagas Chicos is undeniably woody, reinforcing its rustic appearence and feel. In terms of construction, the cigar doesn't appear at its best, but it's undeniably charming; the medium-brown wrapper displays a few lumps and irregularities, making for a non-smooth surface, albeit there's been a generous amount of oil applied to the paper to make it easy to handle and comfortable between the smoker's fingers. The draw is generous and doesn't require a lot of effort, proving that the construction of the Partagas Chicos is better than what may appear at first glance; there's definitly more to this cigar than meets the eye and it'll soon be easy to understand why. Despite it's wrinkly and veiny surface, the wrapper burns easily and consistently, without being irregular. At most, the Partagas Chicos will require two or three touch-ups to ensure that the wrapper's burning evenly. Having been packed generously and given their small stature, the Partagas Chicos feel stiff and rough to the touch; the cigar feels resilient despite appearing rather frail. The ash holds up pretty well for a small cigar and the smoke's quite dark and thick. In terms of flavour, the Partagas Chicos start out by living up to their scent; these cigars will carry a thoroughly wooden aftertaste with vain hints of pepper. Towards the second third, the light traces of pepper strengthen and become more noticeable as the smoker progresses through, showing a gradually-expansive blend of exotic tobacco herbs rest inside the Partagas Chicos. Upon reaching the final third, the Partagas Chicos grants the smoker with a easily-discernible sweetness, vegetal in nature, seeming rather floral or herbaceous. All in all, the Partagas Chicos have decent progression in the flavour progression that's definitly able to satisfy a broad audience of smokers. Overall, the Partagas Chicos are an interesting cigar that provide an experience that's fair for their price. The flavour-progression isn't mind-blowing but it's definitly good when one accounts for what these little Mini Panatelas deliver. Despite its initial mildness, the cigar ends up feeling like it belongs on the higher range of the strength spectrum, so it's more advised for smokers who've garnered a certain degree of resistance and expertise in their cigar-smoking; not to say that the Partagas Chicos aren't suited to an audience of beginning smokers, its compact size and accessible price surely makes it a good contender, but for a quick smoke it manages to pack quite a bit of a punch.


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