Vegas Robaina Unicos
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Vegas Robaina Unicos

  • Ring Guage: 52
  • Length: 156 mm / 6.1 inches
  • Duration: 1 hour-1.30 hours
  • Strength: Medium - Full
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: Spicy
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Torpedo sized, Vegas Robaina Unicos presents sensations of the raw Cuban cigar with well-balanced and generous taste. Construction is that of suave and round shape having a ring gauge of 52 with a length of 15.60 centimeters. When lit, the Unicos combustion is harmonized and uniform. The benchmark taste is spicy combined with roasted coffee. Vegas Robaina Unicos also reveals chocolate, mocha wood, earthy as well as subtle sweet flavors. Its strength is mild to medium especially favorable for those who want to relax or newbie smokers. The cigar is presented as two layers in a box of 25. These properties make this cigar brand a must in every humidor of all serious aficionados.



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Vegas Robaina Unicos
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