Vegas Robaina Clasicos

Vegas Robaina Clasicos

  • Ring Guage: 42
  • Length: 165 mm / 6.4 inches
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NoBefore examining the specific the history of this specific brand, it is worthwhile to consider the history of the Cuban cigars as a whole. The history of Cuban cigars dates back to late fifteenth century during the age of voyaging. The first mention of Cuban cigars was made by the renowned sailor Christopher Columbus in 1492. He made reference to a primitive kind of tobacco that was being smoked in Cuba by Cuban Indians. At that time it was not was not known where or not the habit was being practiced in other parts of the world. The people of Spain learned this habit and started producing their own tobacco.


It was not long before tobacco smoking officially and authentically took off in the entire European continent starting from Spain then to France, Portugal, Britain and other countries within the region. A sailor returning from Voyage in South America carried with them some leaves of Cuban tobacco and smoked it at home. It soon became clear that Cuban tobacco was of superior quality compared to that of Europe. Therefore smokers in Europe dropped their own tobacco in favor of the Cuban type. As time progressed, Spain colonized Cuba and therefore there was ready access of Cuban tobacco for importation. Some carried Cuban tobacco seeds and planted them in Spain. Thus commercialization of tobacco farming started in Europe and later spread to America and other parts of the world.
The term cigar was developed from an ancient Mayan language for smoking termed sikar which is cigarro in Spanish. There were several other variations of this word but they were not to be used until several centuries later when it became a common name for tobacco made in a similar form. Tobacco was produced in large quantities in Cuba and exported in total to Europe but processing did not take off until the early nineteenth century. Actually the world cigar has been thought of as having originated from British because it has stuck in the minds of younger people and found its way in the English dictionaries.
Tobacco smoking became stylish in Europe especially among the war veterans returning from the civil wars at that time of history. Some proponents of tobacco claimed that it had some medicinal value and so encouraged its use among the ailing and wounded soldiers. Others; however, associated tobacco with evil because of its stimulant effects on its smokers. This caused the banning of tobacco smoking in Spain and Britain by King Philip II and James I respectively. This did not dampen the spirits of cigar enthusiasts and the habit was carried on until early 19th century.


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