Trinidad Robusto Extra (box 12)

Trinidad Robusto Extra (box 12)

  • Ring Guage: 50
  • Length: 155 mm / 6.0 inches
  • Duration: 1 hour-1.30 hours
  • Strength: Medium - Full
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: Bean
  • Cigars:
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The Trinidad Robusta Extra is a cigar that prides itself in being with a delicate aroma that is filled with pure niceness and sweetness. A mature cigar filled with flavors of cedar, pepper, nutmeg in the beginning and other flavors and additives that ensure for a smooth and a sublime smoking experience all the way. It is the most expensive robusto in the market at the moment but if you want some amazing bargains.


The Trinidad Robusto T has come a without a doubt the last debutant of the Trinidad family of cigars on the market. It was introduced to finally already huge and thriving complementary to the vitola and a Robusta line. Since its introduction it has continued to learn what can be described as an unprecedented success story. At the time it was launched , many people in the hustle and hype that was generated by the Montecristo cigar brands and all that was about to change drastically with the introduction of this particular brand were caught. But what are some of the features that this cigar is definite , the whole world made ​​to take cigar from such a storm? What makes it different to what we were already used to the Trinidad Fundadores or Coloniales this?
The answers to these and many other important questions are made ​​clear and what is revealed to you in a moment. First, we need you back a few decades past so that we really understand and comprehend what now . Already in this industry In the late sixties , in 1969 , there was exactly one company that has been in operation in the tiny communist state of Cuba and this factory was the only place in the nation-state in the world as well , where you are able , Cuban cigars could find. Despite their rarity, people still knew that there was no other cigars in the world who will be able to get the overwhelming sweet flavor that amazingly bitter- sweet taste and the rigorous work that is embodied in these cigars would correspond .
At the same time, this nation has been through all sorts of upheavals and at one point it was almost to the brink of war with the United States in what came to be known as the Bay of Pigs incident be known. However, the then president of this country was different and convinced disaster was averted and millions of land was covered with tobacco and saved from complete destruction . Even before this incident, the nation of most of the Western world was outlawed and penalties were commonplace .
The Cubans were not lying , even under these sanctions and restrictions imposed by the West. No, to put it a formidable resistance and the measures it employs , and was put into effect that banned all important exports to the U.S. and of particular interest and importance to us was the ban on tobacco trade . Most people outside of Cuba had never sampled a single stogie and she lived only hear grand stories about how people came near to experience heaven all thanks to the cigar as the Fundadores and coloniales .


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