Trinidad Ingenios LE07 (Box 12)
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Trinidad Ingenios LE07 (Box 12)

  • Ring Guage: 42
  • Length: 126mm / 4.9 inches
  • Duration:
  • Strength: 100
  • Aroma: 100
  • Taste: 87.5
  • Cigars:
  • Packaging:
  • Status:
  • History:
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The Trinidad Ignenios is a cigar who smokers who really want it all. It is one of those cigars that will leave you refreshed, reinvigorated and feeling like a million dollars. Or at least it will end up conferring unto you the splendid feeling that you are akin to a visiting foreign dignitary. The patience and the dedication that goes into the production of one of these timeless master pieces are the sole reason that they have now become the undisputed smoker’s choice all over the world. With this particular brand you will be delighted and glad in the rich aromatic taste you will be getting. And to make it even more wonderful is the fact that as you go on smoking and inhaling the slow, easy puffs it keeps on getting better and better. It is very likely that by the time you reach the lower third of the Cigar you will be feeling as peaceful and as serene as a monk in deep meditation.


History has it that in the earlier years of the revolution and in many years after the Cuban revolution led by the one and only Fidel Castro it was decreed and passed as an act of parliament that no one should sell any of these cigars to the outside world.
These came about as a result of the ever-growing tensions and rifts with their North American neighbors and Fidel knew that these was perhaps the one place he could really hit and impact the west most for all that they had done to his nation. It was almost entirely illegal to trade in any other commodity, leave alone the prestigious export of Cuban and Trinidad cigars. But as you would expect, people especially Florida State natives which is very close to the island nation always found a way to sneak in via the waters and lit up and continue to enjoy them to a refined cigar.
The aged leader was quick to deny the facts that were emerging that he had monopolized and completely taken over the production of cigars in his nation. It was known everywhere that only those who happened to be in his good books were allowed to partake in what he went ahead to describe as natures and Gods own gift to Cubans.
Back in those days, the brand we are talking about, the Trinidad Ingenios was not even born. As a matter of fact, history is very clear that the very first factory to produce these ‘play-toys for the extremely wealthy and famous’ as many of us came to know them as, was based in a place called El Laguina. This company is also said to have only been producing the popular Trinidad Fundarore brand back then but with time they upped their productions and began coming up with more brands.
The real transition to take the Cuban cigar market to the place and position as the world leader as it currently stands at came about in the years of 1998 and beyond. This is the year when the government of Fidel Castro Okayed the mass production and the consequent export of their precious commodity to other nations. But even then, the sale to the USA was still banned and off-limits and this was the one fact that was largely responsible for the thriving multi-million underground trade of the product.


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