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Click the varians below to overview the product.

Click the varians below to overview the product.


Available in a variety of dark and oily wrappers this cigar which also happens to be among the most expensive cubanos in the world is a sure finger burner. It belongs to the larger family of vitolas that include the Balthasar, The Coronas DeLuxe, The Elegantes and others. equally sumptuous and aromatizing cigars. Coming in with ring gauge sizes ranging from 40’s to the 50’s you are surely going to fine one with the pre-draw you are most comfortable with.  Enjoy them with any dessert you so prefer and you will be left wondering how comes you never stumbled upon our site much earlier on.


The Mayans and the Aztecs are believed to be among the first people to indulge in cigar smoking. They utilized tobacco for a myriad of activities that were central to their very way of life. The only way that we have come to learn of their practices and pursuits ahs solely been from the remnants that have the scientists and archeologists have dug up from the ground. The El Rey Brand is a product of the company known as Romeo Y Julieta which was founded back in the year, 1822 in Havanna, Cuba. You would be really astonished and taken aback to learn that some of the pieces of pottery that have been excavated and that depict smoking or ingestion of tobacco have been dated to be as old as over 5000 years old. Yes, it is both unbelievable but massively true that, we as people began smoking way before we were even able to talk and communicate. The same history also shows us that people loved to smoke other psychoactive drugs namely cannabis even before these mind-boggling time. Countless poems and songs that have survived and lived long enough to still be around with us this very day talk about how people cherished and enjoyed the altered state of being that they got from smoking either cannabis or tobacco. One such important piece of history that lets us take a sneak peak at the lives of men those many years goes by the title, ‘the bequeathed’ and it can easily be found on the web. Only about 1200 boxes of this particular brand have been produced as of this date! In a nutshell, the particular poem captures the essence that people were so much infatuated by the aroma, the flavor and the sweetness in these recreational substances that they relegated their women folk to the second position. Why else or how else would they explain the phrase that a woman is a woman but a good cigar makes for a great smoke. In Europe, it was a common practice to find men reclusive and retreating to their own hide-out or undisclosed location so that they would discuss on the events of the day while they puffed incessantly and smoked on a ripe and evenly matured cigar. Women were altogether banned from entering into such holier than thou places and not only them but children and girls were also exempt too. Although we have to mention that as the years progressed and modernity dawned, women became as avid and as regular smokers as women and today as we speak a good number of famous women have made the cover of the cigars’ world equivalent of times magazine, without anybody causing a fuss or a stir of any sorts. Demi Moore is just the one name that comes to our mind when we think about famous women cigar smokers who have graced the cover and who most likely indulge in an El Rey Del Mundo Cuban Cigar!


El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme
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  1. El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme

    El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme

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    Ring Guage: 48

    Length: 127 mm / 5.0 inches

    Duration: 35-50 min

    Strength: Medium


  2. El Rey del Mundo Demi Tasse

    El Rey del Mundo Demi Tasse

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    Ring Guage: 30

    Length: 100mm / 3.9 inches

    Duration: 20 min

    Strength: Light


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