Ramon Allones Extra LE 2011
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Ramon Allones Extra LE 2011

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  • Ring Guage: 44
  • Length: 143mm / 5.6 inches
  • Duration: 45min-1hour
  • Strength: Medium - Full
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: Woody
  • Cigars:
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Basically, this Ramon Allones Extra LE 2011 is already a resurrection of the historically popular Allones Extra which is very famous during its glory days until such time where distribution of this cigar was curtailed in the 70's. With the effort of Habanos S.A who tried to resurrect the popularity of this vitola from its business graveyard in the year 2011, the product is now flourishing. Ramon Allones Extra LE 2011 is actually the first limited edition of Ramon Allones after the launching of the EL series. Although, this Ramon Allones Extra LE is already a new relaunched product it did not eradicate the use of the classic green and white brands as a result this product becomes an authentic limited edition where it could be used a collectors' item. The person who is behind this relaunching is indeed a real genius that deserves an award as the Habanos man or woman of the year.



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