Rafael Gonzalez Lonsdales
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Rafael Gonzalez Lonsdales

  • Ring Guage: 42
  • Length: 165 mm / 6.4 inches
  • Duration:
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The Rafael Gonzalez Lonsdales is one of the finest Rafael Gonzalez blends. It represents an intense taste with slight bitter notes. The cigar lights up quickly and has a strong taste of forest bush in the beginning. It rapidly changes its flavor to intense woody and earthy shots. Soon, the strong flavours are joined by sweetened notes of fruit and exciting tinges of spice and pepper. The last part of the cigar stick carries a perfect blend of all the light and intense flavours and serves as a cocktail. The foot end carries a leathery taste and leaves a creamy and woody taste in the mouth. The Rafael Lonsdales is an amazing blend of strong flavours with over sweetened tones and make a perfect combination with an afternoon coffee.
The Rafael Gonzalez Lonsdales are hand rolled and carry an impressive body with a length of 6.4 inches (165 mm) and a ring gauge of 42. The combustion is effortless and the ash is firm with no flakes. The smoke is consistent and carries a mesmerizing aroma. All these characteristics represent a perfect manufacture and expert rolling.


If we go back to 1920s, we’ll find the origin of Rafael Gonzalez cigars. In the year 1928, the Rafael Gonzalez was manufactured initially as a version of La Flor De Marquez. At that time, Rafael Gonzalez did not launch as a brand. Soon after its first launch, the blend became one of the most demanded of all the Cuban cigars. The cigar manufacturers claimed that this cigar contained a “secret blend” which characterizes its amazing taste and aroma. In the early 1930s, the famous Rel Del Mundo Cogai Company of the Havana decided to launch the Rafael Gonzalez as a brand. Later in the year 1936, the Flor De Rafael Gonzalez Marquez was introduced as a brand. The introduction of Rafael Gonzalez cigars as a brand increased the popularity and the quality of the blend. The first launch contained the three primary versions, i.e. Rafael Gonzalez Petit Coronas, Rafael Gonzalez Coronas Extras and the Rafael Gonzalez Londales. All the three blends carry the basic Rafael Gonzalez strong taste and characteristic aroma and vary in sizes and caliber and somewhat in flavours. The Rafael Gonzalez cigars are one of the most appreciated Cuban cigars since the time of their initial launches.
The tobacco responsible for the characteristic incredible taste of the Rafael Gonzalez comes from the lands of Cuba (a Caribbean island). The Cuba is popular around the Globe because of its finest tobacco production. The lands of Cuba have been regarded as ‘made for tobacco plantation’ by some world-class geologists. In fact, the Cuba has all the environmental conditions ideally suitable for the cultivation of tobacco. The temperature and humidity ranges are moderate and pleasant. The chemical composition of the soil is perfect for a finest quality tobacco plantation. The rain and the wind frequencies are also suitable for a tobacco plant to grow well. When all these standard climatic conditions combine, the finest quality tobacco is grown. With the best combination of the natural geographical and climatic states, the Cuba is one of the blessed Caribbean islands.


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