Quai D Orsay Imperiales
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Quai D Orsay Imperiales

  • Ring Guage: 47
  • Length: 178 mm / 6.9 inches
  • Duration:
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Quai D Orsay Imperiales is a cigar for everybody! With its great taste and amazing aroma, everyone from the expert smoker to the beginners can smoke this cigar and enjoy the most out of it. A perfect blend of smooth and creamy flavor, the Quai D Orsay Imperiales cigars can be easily compared to the top cigars in the market. The Quai D Orsay Imperiales cigars make a great gift too.
This cigar is a very classic stogie which comes in a nice wrapping and with perfect constructions. The construction of the Quai D Orsay Imperiales cigars is so perfect tat upon running your finger through the body of the cigar you will feel just even surface and no lumps or uneven spots. The burn of the Quai D Orsay Imperiales cigars is very smooth and consistent and has no problem with ignition and burning. the ash of the Quai D Orsay Imperiales cigars is a smooth substance and this just gives more vitality to this cigar that has impressed many smokers over the years.



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