Punch Punch Cab 50
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Punch Punch Cab 50

  • Ring Guage: 46
  • Length: 143 mm / 5.6 inches
  • Duration: 45min-1hour
  • Strength: Medium - Full
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: Spicy
  • Cigars:
  • Packaging:
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Punch Punch (25) Punch Punch is a cigar which has gained lots of fame due to its unique name as well as the great flavor which it features. Punch punch is a legendary cigar which has a rich history not only in England but also in Cuba! While smoking a punch punch cigar you will realize that this amazing cigar is not just a cigar but a bold expression of art produced by the Punch cigar making company!

Punch Punch (50) Punch-Punch Cabinet 50 cigars are known to be very reliable cigars which are rolled perfectly keeping inside the delicious and strong flavors of robust cigars inside them. Feeling soft against your fingers in your hands, the Punch-Punch Cabinet 50 cigars will release aromas full of life which will dance around the notes of leather and musk teasing the taste palates of the smokers!


Punch Punch (25) The punch punch cigar is an exotic product of a very famous cigar making company called punch! A European puppet show inspired the German guy named Stockmann to name his cigar making company after this puppet and then the brand became a recognized and favorite cigar brand in the whole of Greta Britain and eventually the Europe! This company saw the change of ownership for the first time in the year 1874 when Luis Corujo brought it but soon he sold it to Manuel Lopez who took this company along with the funny name and took it to new heights of fame and popularity through the roadway of success. To this day the boxes containing punch cigars and band son the cigars have his name on them and so is the character of Punch visible on the logo smoking no doubt a punch cigar wondering about the multiple colors on his color. Lopez died in 1924 leaving the ownership of the Punch cigar making company to Esperanza Valle Comas! The punch cigar made a lot of progress in the early times until recession hit and the company had to go through some rough time where it even had to discontinue for a while but it kept its held up high and now after two decades later, this company is still as famous and popular as the 1800s.
The punch cigar company faced many financial hardships which include embargo set by USA against Cuban goods; the company had to relocate too from Florida where it had created a great number of customers who loved the cigars made by Punch brand. After the nationalization of the tobacco industry by Cuba, the production of cigars by the Punch continued and took its time to get stable until it became a popular name in the market of cigars again! Producing outstanding cigars the main achievements made by Punch cigar making company includes Punch, Churchills and Coronas, all of which have great taste and are critically acclaimed in the cigar market!
Though all the cigars which are sold by Punch cigars are handmade but it has also started to produce some machine made cigars under the names of Cigarritos and the Cigarritos Reserva. No special edition cigars have been produced by the Punch cigar making company as yet but the increasing popularity of this brand and widespread fame might lead to the production of one special edition cigar soon enough! Fingers crossed!
The Punch punch cigars are famous not just for their delicious taste but also for their amazing construction and packaging with appearance! Sporting a delicious and oily wrapper which is of mudaro type, you can see few veins visible in it! Leave your Punch punch cigars in humidor for a while to keep it in perfect shape and ready to be smoked at any time after it is aged perfectly. When you feel like smoking a power house, do not look any further than the Punch punch cigars which are your source of ultimate energy kick and fullfillness!

Punch Punch (50) Easily named as the hot head warriors of the Punch cigar family, the Punch-Punch Cabinet 50 cigars are vivacious and strong smokes which feature the spicy tastes mixed with wooden and nutty flavors into great proportions that the whole combination of the flavors seems just right around your taste palates. The elegant bouts of ginger with honey and vanilla flavored smokes who the flair and showmanship of the Punch-Punch Cabinet 50 cigars. The construction of the Punch-Punch Cabinet 50 cigars is very athletic and the combustion is steady helping in making the Punch-Punch Cabinet 50 cigars a definite winners!
The cigar making company named punch gets all the credit for producing something as extraordinary as the Punch-Punch Cabinet 50 cigars. It all started when a German person names Stockmann decided to open a cigar making company and name it Punch. The name was taken from a hit comedy puppet series which trended in 1800s with the main character called Punch. The owner probably got a great kick out of it thus he decided to name the cigar company as Punch. The name was catchy and the cigars were o brilliant quality and this combination lead to early and quick fame of Punch cigars. Initially covering Great Britain, the Punch cigars eventually became a famous delight of the entire Europe!
In year 1847, a man named Manuel Lopez bought this firm making it see a change of ownership which ended up to be good and in the favor of the company as he was a brilliant businessman who took the company to new levels of success and fame. He made the brand more popular than it already was and did so much that the boxes containing Punch-Punch Cabinet 50 cigars and other punch cigars still have his name along with the band on the cigars. You can also see the punch puppet on the cigar’s logo smoking no doubt one of the delights made by punch cigars!
After the death of Lopez in 1924, the ownership was transferred once again to Esperanza Valle Comas. Until the recession, the punch cigars had produced many outstanding cigars which had instantly become famous in the market making the consumers go nuts on buying the Punch-Punch Cabinet 50 cigars and other cigars by punch cigars! It wasn’t until the hit of recession that the company started to face financial issues halting the production of cigars for a while. After the storm had passed and rough times were finished, the Punch cigars came back with a bang producing great cigars to once again get the world under its spell!
To ensure the no compromise policy is being used in the production of all cigars, the handmade cigars are produced by Punch Cigar Company. But punch cigars has also produced two machine made cigars namely Cigarritos and the Cigarritos Reserva which are great smokes for leisure times. There are no special installments or special edition cigars yet made by the punch cigars but with the popularity and fame which has been gathered by Punch cigars it won’t be wrong to say that they should consider making one soon!


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