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Por Larranaga cigars are usually linked with sweetness of caramel and delicate aromatic flavors. Strength of flavors ranges from mild to medium, the profile of Por Larranaga consists of natural even smoke and gives more joy when taken with coffee. It burns quickly and possesses perfect burning features. They are strong aromatic cigars with intense savors. They carry an aroma which is less distinct than other Cuban cigar trademarks. These cigars are highly admired by aficionados who love to smoke traditional Cuban fragrance. Their formation is narrow. Por Larranaga cigars are aged properly. Adequate aging is necessary to get unique and delicious flavors. They are constructed perfectly with an attractive packaging.


It constitutes two cigar brands; one is formed in Cuba for a publicly owned company of tobacco and the second one is created in Dominican Republic and Honduras for Atladis, a separation of majestic tobacco. It has extended olden times in Habanos brands. Por Larranaga was indexed by Ignacio Larranaga, a Spaniard in 1834. It is probable one of the old brands of cigars still in formation. In the late of 19th century, this brand became popular high-quality cigar brand developing both cheap and expensive cigars. In the days of Cuban Revolution, The brand was in sixth rank in manufacturing huge quantity of cigars. In 1925, Por Larranaga industry was honored to become first cigar factory that manufactures machine made cigars but soon factory employees boycotted from their duties. Until 1970’s, cigars remained reputable and well-known among the aficionados but from 1980’s, cigar formation considerably fell down. Due to the brand court case in 1990’s, export of Por Larranaga cigars was limited to only some countries. In those circumstances, brand had seen the time when the trademark was restricted to approximately whole instrument made or hand-crafted cigars and was mostly sold in the Middle East and Canada. Today, brand has made a great comeback with four vitolas, out of which two are entirely handmade. Habanos SA, the state owned tobacco company, made some thousand boxes of Por Larranaga Lonsdales in 2006 for Germany. Por Larranaga Lonsdales was a discontinued size and greatly bewailed by enthusiasts of the brand. The wrapping of cigars was made in 25 count dress packs and marked with the unique band that states ‘Exclusivo Alemania’. In beginning of 2007, brand was revived in the United States as Por Larranaga Cuban cigar trademark by imports of Cuba, which are Florida supported importers. They use Mexican binder, Dominican and Honduran filler. Cigars can be wrapped either in an Ecuadoran-developed Connecticut-seed covering or Maduro packaging of Mexico. The cigar packed in a paper lean cedar leaf is a stunning success and is unique due to its delicate appearance. The tobacco plants initially came from South America. It is not sure when these reached to Cuba but it can be predicted that it occurred between 3000 and 2000 B.C. Indigenous Australians considered tobacco a marvelous medication and a crucial product in their political, social and traditional events. It was a primary crop developed intended for money in North America. Columbus introduced tobacco in Europe for the first time. Soon it reached in Spain, France and other various parts of the world.


Por Larranaga Petit Coronas Cab 50
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  1. Por Larranaga Legendarios - Regional Edition Spain

    Ring Guage: 49

    Length:  49

    Duration: 170mm / 6.6 inches

    Strength:  Light to Medium Aroma


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  2. Por Larranaga Montecarlos

    Por Larranaga Montecarlos

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    Ring Guage: 33

    Length: 159mm / 6.2 inches

    Duration: 25-45 min

    Strength: Soft


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  3. Por Larranaga Panetelas

    Por Larranaga Panetelas

    0 Review(s)

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    Ring Guage: 37

    Length: 127mm / 5.0 inches

    Duration: 45min-1hour

    Strength: Light


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  4. Por Larranaga Petit Coronas Cab 50

    Por Larranaga Petit Coronas Cab 50

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    Ring Guage: 42

    Length: 129 mm / 5.0 inches




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