Partagas Serie P No 2 Tubos

Partagas Serie P No 2 Tubos

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  • Ring Guage: 52
  • Length: 165mm / 6.4 inches
  • Duration: 45min-1hour
  • Strength: Full
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: Spicy
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For those of you who are absolute cigar buffs, the name Partagas Serie P No 2 Tubos must be very familiar. This is one of the most awaited cigars being released by Habanos S.A., this cigar is produced by the Cuban state company and uses original Cuban Tobacco. The length of the cigar is 6 inches and it is very stylish to look at. When you smoke this cigar, the overwhelming taste is a spicy one; however, after a few puffs, the flavours start to change into a sweet woddiness mingled with an acidic cocoa. One of the reasons why this cigar is so sought after is because it requires some time to mature, after which it produces an unforgettable taste.


This cigar is sleek, black and is desired by many across the world. The most important aspect to be remembered when smoking a cigar is the fact that it has to be a genuine Partagas cigar to truly be a good one. Manufactured by a state run facility of the Cuban Government, Habanos S.A has been producing these great cigars for many years now. The cigar is black in colour and resembles a torpedo when it is uncut. The size is 16.50cm or 6.4 inches. The Factory name of this cigar is Torpedo and it is a very strong one. As you smoke the cigar, you can get a very rich and even spicy aroma which makes the experience even more pleasurable. When you are lighting up a Torpedo, you must remember to always use a match stick. This helps retain the original flavours of the cigar. Cut the edge off with a guillotine and your cigar is ready to be smoked. When you start off, the cigar tends to taste fairly bland. Sometimes you can also get a faint smell of manure and leather. The over powering smell is that of wood and leather. However, once you are through with the first third of the cigar, this smell thankfully fades away. A strong woody smell takes its place and the taste of the cigar changes to a creamier, refined one, rather than manure smelling, harsh one. Finally when you reach the end of your cigar, you can get the true smell of the cigar, which is a spicy, woody smell. The smell of crushed pepper is fairly predominant. The enjoyment of a cigar comes from the way in which you have it. if you smoke a cigar in the wrong way or light it up wrong, chances are, you will not enjoy the cigar even one bit. Sadly, most people are unaware of how to light up a cigar in the right manner. Thus, it is best to find out from someone who knows how to light it if you are a beginner. Another option - and the easier one - is to simply google and find out how to light a cigar. If you are a beginner, who wishes to take up smoking cigars and someone has recommended the Partagas Serie P No 2 Tubos, think twice before you start off. This is because the cigar in question is a very strong one and you may not be able to handle it if you are not someone who smokes heavily. Starting off with a cigar of a smaller size is a much better option. However, if you are still convinced that this is the cigar for you, you should know about this cigar in detail. Firstly, when you light up the cigar initially, you may get a faint smell of manure. However, the true flavours of any cigar come out only after you have smoked halfway through it. The flavours which finally emerge and you will realise that this is a truly powerful cigar.


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