Partagas Coronas
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Partagas Coronas

  • Ring Guage: 52
  • Length: 115 mm / 4.5 inches
  • Duration: 30-45 min
  • Strength: Full
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: Animal
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  • Status:
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The taste of the Partagas Corona cigars is not the only thing which makes it a cut above the other cigars. These cigars are the epitome of class and amazing qualities merged in to one stick. The Partagas Corona cigars are cigars which have a roller coaster of tastes. Starting off with a dry note that is bitter and intense, the final point arrives and brings with it a combination of bitterness and hotness.


The Partagas Corona cigars are proud production of the Partagas Cuban cigars. The combustion of these cigars is great and the burn of these cigars is very continuous and constant. Having a great shot, the Partagas Corona cigars are a see saw of bitterness and sweetness throughout the length of the cigars. The aroma of the Partagas Corona cigars features intense scents that’s have dry notes with a little too spiciness to them and little toasted. All these make the Partagas Corona cigars a unique cigar to smoke with the characteristic which are unparalleled.
Providing an exceptional flavor the Partagas Corona cigars are cigar of class and delicacy. One of the best full hours smoking stick, the Partagas Corona cigars are easily the first choice of those people who like to smoke within a budget but want to smoke only the good quality cigars. The appearance of the Partagas Corona cigars is flawless. They come wrapped in smooth Colorado wrappers with a firm touch. The brown paper is smooth and oily and keeps the cigars safe and fresh throughout!
The construction of any cigars is responsible for the smoking experience of the cigar and in the case of Partagas Corona cigars, the perfection is uncanny. The Partagas Corona cigars are filled and rolled completely with no soft spots at all. The draw is very smooth and so is the burning. You do not have to wait in the middle to burn it again.
The pre-lit draw will take you in to a world of flavor where the dominating flavors would be wood and vegetal notes. The Partagas Corona cigars welcome you with a well proportioned mixture of cedar and rind flavors when they are lit. Pleasant and dynamic, these flavors blend in greatly with each other. When the cigar progresses and reaches the second third, you will feel the roasted coffee is being added along with its delightful smell to the cocktail of flavors. The resulting flavor is very strong and delicious when they enter the third part! Still not aggressiveness to the cigars, the Partagas Corona cigar is truly the cigar for gentlemen!
The Partagas Corona cigars are great cigars which will provide you with ultimate flavor for 45 to 60 minutes with no issues at all!
Don Jamie Partagas was the founder of this brand who used to work for other tobacco businesses before he decided to establish his own factory for the production of cigars. He named his factory as Real Fabricas de Tobaco Partagas and registered it in the year 1845. This factory was established on the 60 Industria Street in the city of Havana making it to the list of largest businesses of its time. Partagas supplied the tobacco to big families in the Europe and Asia therefore he chose this name for this company which literally translates to “Partagas Royal Tobacco Factory”.


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