Montecristo A - EXCLUSIVE
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Montecristo A - EXCLUSIVE

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  • Ring Guage: 47
  • Length: 23.50 cm / 9.2 inches
  • Duration: 45min-1hour
  • Strength: Medium to Full
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: Woody
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Montecristo A vitolas will offer you a long and entertaining smoke. Each puff will make you feel outstanding, satisfied and amazingly good. These cigars are perfect for a special occasion, when you want to have an air of important person. Imagine that long and delicious stick between your lips. You will just love the idea. This cigar will not attract your attention only through its length. You will also be seduced by the huge variety of flavours. After all, it would be a shame not having a wide variety of flavours within such a long cigar. Just for your knowledge, if you are a beginner you should stay away from this cigar as you will not be able to handle it. Still, as an experienced smoker you must be sure first that you have enough free time at your disposal as you need it to enjoy each mm of the stick. This vitola will offer you an outstanding experience that will last two whole hours. Value each minute from this cigar and at the end you will be more than deeply satisfied. The start of the cigar is more than delicious. You will be welcomed by delicious flavours of cedar and a subtle aroma of creamy. The cigars will offer you enough flavours for a year. Once the cigar evolves you will meet other flavours of flowers, honey, tobacco, and some bitterness at the end.
If you want a very long cigar, which can offer you a long time of joy and relax, then these cigars can offer you the finest feelings from the entire world. There is no Cuban cigar that can be compared with the Montecristo A ones. They are of an excellent value. Such a long cigar is worthy of every dollar that you are willing to spend on them. With an ageing of at least 6 months, these cigars can reach such a high quality that can be considered unbelievable. Everything at these cigars is attractive and stunning. It is impossible not to salivate in secret after such a magical cigar, which can offer so many benefits to a smoker.
These cigars, that have their roots deep buried in the land of all cigars, Cuba, are of an excellent quality. They can be easily differentiated by other vitolas through their size, richness of flavours, strength and shape. Montecristo A cigars are handcrafted with the shape of Gran Corona. These cigars are extremely imposing. Actually, for its size of 235 mm, this line of vitola was registered in the Guinness Book. One cigar weights 18.79 grams and it has a ring gauge of 47. These imposing cigars are spectacular, outstanding, stunning or however you want to call them. If you ever find anything similar to these cigars it means that you are a very lucky person. Their appearance is something that you will not forget easily. The cigar has a perfect brown coloured wrapper, with tiny veins and some oiliness. You will love the perfume released by the cigar. The construction is impeccable, and there are no visible effects that may damage the smoke in a way or another. Everything that is regarding the construction of the cigar is perfectly made. The torcedors that handcrafted these long sticks were more than skilful.


The Montecristo cigars are sold in the entire world. There is no passionate smoker of Cuban cigars that never heard or smoked a few samples of these lovely vitolas. The brand is not dating since a long, long time ago, but it had time and quality to become one of the most prestigious brands of Cuban vitolas. It was founded in 1935 by Alonso Melendez and the popularity of the brand had increased with a fast speed. In only a few years, the brand was already commercialising cigars in the entire world, not to mention that all of them were considered to be of an excellent quality. Today, the brand is owned by the best producer of Cuban cigars Altadis SA and of course by the popular company from Cuba, Habanos SA. During the years of its expansion the brand released numerous lines of high quality cigars. One that had distinguished itself on the international market is called Montecristo A.


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