Montecristo 520 LE 2012
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Montecristo 520 LE 2012

  • Ring Guage: 55
  • Length: 165 mm / 6.5 inches
  • Duration: 45min-1hour
  • Strength: Medium - Full
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: Spicy
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The Montecristo 520 LE 2012 is a unique Vitola cigar, with a 55 ring gauge and measuring 6.5 inches in length. It's a limited edition, released in 2012 that received amazing praise by cigar enthusiasts worldwide. Providing all the taste and aroma of a classic Montecristo blend, the Montecristo 520 LE 2012 is a cigar most aficionados shouldn't pass up on the opportunity to try, with the brand's characteristic medium to full flavour making a stylish, remarkable return. The price tag might put this cigar out of some people's reach, but those who can get their hands on it, should definitely not pass up on the opportunity to.


Montecristo is a premium brand of Cuban cigars that had its birth in 1935. A property of Habanos, Montecristo are one of the most popular and highly praised Cuban cigar brands in the world, being regarded by many as the benchmark with which other brands are judged against, given the inherently high quality of these cigars and unrivalled popularity amongst cigar aficionados. The Montecristo 520, originally dubbed Maravillas No.1, a lengthy, big cigar, that was well received in the market and gathered plenty of fans; now we have the Montecristo 520 LE 2012, a limited edition, released in 2012, accordingly named as Maravillas No.3 in the factory, that have delighted the hearts of many cigar smokers all around the world. Limited editions are highly appreciated and awaited every year by a lot of cigar-smokers; they generally appear in unique Vitola sizes and the value of their production's much higher than usual, so it's easy to understand why it conquers the heart of many. The wrapper, filler and binder involved in the construction of these cigars is picked out from a bundle that's been left to age for at least two years, conferring these cigars with a unique charm and quality. The Montecristo 520 LD 2012 was created to commemorate the 520th Anniversary of the arrival of Cuban tobacco to Europe, brought back home by Columbus after seeing it in Cuba. It's no wonder that a lot of effort went into the construction of these Montecristo cigars, displaying unprecedented quality. The Montecristo 520 LD 2012 has a dark chocolate colour maduro wrapper, expertly adorned by an attention-grabbing gold label reading Edicion Limitada. The Montecristo 520 LD 2012 carries a fresh natural herbal scent, attesting to the quality of the cigar itself; well-compressed, expertly wrapped and generously filled with the best tobacco. The constructions flawless, the wrapper straight along the edges, displaying a smooth surface with an inherent inviting softness to the touch. The cigar burns nicely, near razor-sharp, proving the quality of wrapper and all other materials used in the minucious construction of the Montecristo 520 LD 2012. The draw's easy and flawless, immediately delivering the rich blend of mild flavours to the smoker, a fresh characteristic, pleasant rustic blend. The aroma of the cigar's rich and strong, definitely a dominating scent. It's perceptible right from the start just how rich the Montecristo 520 LD 2012 is, immediately delivering an exotic combination of distinctive creamy and spicy flavours, almost effortlessly; the pull's easy and fast, once again attesting to the rigorous standards behind the construction of these cigars. The Montecristo 520 LD 2012 progresses nicely and steadily, with an overwhelming combination of rich flavours being delivered to the smoker with each easy relaxing pull, making for an absolutely superb high quality cigar that ranks as one of the best available in the market. If left aging, the flavours in the Montecristo 520 LD 2012 will enrich and provide the smoker a better experience, with its rich creamy herbal flavours becoming more noticeable and heightening its salty, buttery aftertaste. Overall, the Montecristo 520 LD 2012 is a cigar designed for those who want to experience the best features and traits in high quality Cuban cigars; it's a luxury product, designed to cater to the most demanding of smokers, though it's also a viable option to introduce the habit to newcomers and beginners, who'll surely find the Montecristo 520 LD 2012 to provide them with the richest smoking experience once can have with cigars readily available on the market today.


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