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Juan Lopez cigars are medium to full bodied Cuban cigars, they are liked by many authorities, especially the people who enjoy excellent vitola. They carry reliable flavors of cocoa, pepper and tobacco. Taste of wood is enjoyed in the entire draw. These cigars must be adequately aged for about 10 to 15 years in order to get desirable flavors. Proper aged cigars carry full flavors and amazing aromas. Juan Lopez is one of a small number of Cuban cigars that are handmade. Cigars of this brand attract all sorts of smokers.


A Spanish man Juan Lopez Diaz created a brand of cigars in the 1870’s. The brand was initially known as La Flor de Juan Lopez. Before Cuban Revolution, these first-rate cigars were extensively distributed and used. They were very famous and produced in greater quantities. In 1908, it was transferred to his successor. Sociedad C. Del Peso y Cía purchased the brand in 1918. Today, this brand has fewer shares in the market and classified by state owned tobacco company as ‘narrow brand’. The variety of Habanos dimensions is restricted. It is famous and respected in Habanos brands because of its incredible affection. It has an inadequate number of vitola arrangement but still holds better position. The group ‘selection No. 2’ is one of the most precious and favorite vitolas. Juan Lopez is recent pre- revolutionary brand and there is a non Cuban cigar trademark with the same name. Today, brand has three handcrafted cigars. The distinct releases began in 2006. Tobacco used in these cigars came from the land of Vuelta Abajo. This land is sacred by encouraging environmental conditions, which influence the taste and quality of Cuban cigars. Environmental factors such as pressure, soil, temperature, and water play an important role in progress and growth of plants. The process starts from seed and fertile soil will show the positive response and sufficient water will help in germination. Therefore, all the factors have a great impact in expansion of tobacco plants. Today, Cuban government has responsibility of Cuban cigars and many factories are hired at various places to increase production. Taino Indian people are the beginners of earth’s ancient cigars. Initially, they didn’t know about tobacco plants but they came to know when they incidentally burnt tobacco plants in Cuba and viewed that they are combustible. In order to detect more about these mysterious plants, they flamed them and were pleased by wonderful aroma. Special fragrance carries recognizable savors. Due to such appealing qualities, they started using it for smoking. Tanio Indian people began to rotate the leave into the tube. Cohiba was the name given to leaves and tube was known as tobacco. Majority of people made this as habit and then started to make cohibas efficiently. This method of selling and buying cigars is very old. Before Christopher Columbus, no one was aware of tobacco plant. Even the residents of Hispaniola were not known to it. In 1492, Columbus with his crew men visited Cuba and noted Tanio's people while smoking tobacco. He saw them smoking leaves covered in palm leaves. It was the model of primary Cuban cigars. He with his men took the tobacco to Europe and then sailors soon became passionate smokers and dispersed the practice in various parts of the globe. With the time, Spain also started production of cigars from Cuban tobacco. Drying and Fermenting are the two processes which greatly affect the savor and excellence of cigars have been started to perform by the cigar makers. Fermentation is basically a process of transferring glucose containing compounds into carbon dioxide and oxygen in the presence of bacteria and yeast in anaerobic environment. Proper aging provides amazing enhanced flavors of cigars.


Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2
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  1. Juan Lopez Seleccion No.1

    Juan Lopez Seleccion No.1

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    Ring Guage: 46

    Length: 143 x 18.26 mm (5.62 x 46)




  2. Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2

    Juan Lopez Seleccion No.2

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    Ring Guage: 50

    Length: 124 mm / 4.8 inches

    Duration: 45min-1hour

    Strength: Medium


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