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    Vicente and Jose Piedra were two brothers, lived in Spain province of Asturias. They started their living in Santa Clara, near Vuelta Arriba region and this area is famous for its tobacco quality. They immigrated to Cuba in 1880 and they established a cigar brand there. They started to make the best one. The name of the brand was Jose Piedra. They established many flavors in this brand and all of them started to become more popular. They have been chosen the best tobaccos from Vuelta Arriba region that is one of the best tobacco regions in Cuba. That is why it is called “exclusively H


    The second generation led by José Lamadrid Piedra founded and developed the brand whose name we know today. After the nationalization of this brand in Cuba, the brand was prohibited in US, so it lost its huge number of its customer from 1960 to 1990. That was the hardest time for this great brand. The brand was again restarted in 1996 and had the great blend from its original flavor. And again it rescues its popularity in the world, and soon became famous again. One of the tragedy in this history is this brand was restricted in the US prior and revived again in 1996. This generation led by José Lamadrid Piedra who was the founder and the developer of this brand and the world know this brand from the name. The leaves of this brand came from Remedios in Cuba. There are very few cigars who offers raw flavors of tobacco, Jose Piedra is one of that few cigars. This can make night very powerful and can refresh mind. People of that time really loved that flavor and taste and Jose Piedra gained its popularity. Jose Piedra Cazadores, Jose Piedra cremas, Jose Piedra mini etc. are some of the famous one. People loved them so much. And in the present situation is not different from the past. People still love it, and it is still popular. This cigar brand has succeeded to gain its popularity because of it was cheap than the other cigars. Those who want to spend their night in the beach or want to spend a poker night with cigar in their one hand, this cigar can help those. The reason is it makes the nigh more enjoyable, in time of fishing tour or picnic. Those who loved full bodied and strong cigar they are going to love Jose Piedra. It is one of the powerful Cuban brands. It is machine finished cigar with great shape and excellent lining. Brevas is one of the most popular cigars in Jose Piedra, because of its great flavor and taste. Jose piedra has the reputation and popularity, people generally do not pay their attention on its price, though sometimes it is high than the other brands. The flavors and aroma of Jose piedra is special, because it has ligero tobacco in it. This kind of tobacco, are top level leaves with the most high quality flavor and also strongest. Some of the products have nice coffee flavors with a twist of sweetness. Still most of the products have strong taste with bold smoking. With the spicy art of flavors it can fades into a woody taste with toasted notes. With the best performance and great service it is one of the best and popular cigars. Until the last puff people enjoy this brand and that’s the secret of the popularity of Jose piedra all over the world. The categorization of the cigar depends on its shape and its size, which is Vitola. And Jose piedra has several vitolas with several flavors. . The ring gauge sizes and the shapes of these cigars are different from each other. The ratings and dimensions are also not similar. But the unique taste and smoothness with endless feeling of joy and satisfaction are common in all. Not only that they all contain the high quality flavor of Cuban tobacco and the quality of the first standard cigar. Now a day’s Jose piedra is known as one of the best brand in the world and one tough competitor for other brands. This cigar is popular in Cuba as well as in the Global Market. It is known internationally because of its great taste and great flavor. It has simple packaging and it gives a great value and great consideration of fillers. The main attraction is that, it gives the highest quality of service in a very low price. So people love it, as they can have great Cuban flavor in a less expensive price. The taste is unmatched and the construction is very attractive. The flavor has a great smoothness and incredible aroma. It is a bit strong but with typical Cuban flavor in it. So those who are novice smoker can also try it and very good option for the strong smokers. It will help every people to get lost in Cuban smell. The packaging system of this cigar is very unique, as they use simple cardboard cigar boxes. It is available in different sizes with great aroma. With medium sizes it has medium strength and great taste. It has no harshness like the other brand and also has a great balance of different flavors. It started as a domestically Cuban brand but soon it became very popular in the international way. The rich taste os tobacco in the reasonable price in only available in this brand. The great performance of Jose Piedra makes it one of the well known brands in the world. All in all this Jose Piedra is a great Cigar Brand.


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