Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robustos
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Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robustos

  • Ring Guage: 50
  • Length: 102 mm / 4.0 inches
  • Duration:
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This is perhaps the best short cigar in the market today. Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robustos are among the shortest if not the shortest of all Cuban cigars only 102 millimeters in length with a ring size of 50 millimeters and weight of only 9.59 grams. This cigar does not reveal its full potential before it ages which may require as much as three years. If it does not age it gives off a hint of ammonia in the first third that fades off as the robusto burns into the 2nd third. Here a peppery flavor is ushered with chocolate, cocoa and spicy tastes blending in. The second third is purely woody with subtle flavors such as nutmeg and almonds. This cigar will leave you craving for more of the Petit Robustos.


In order to fully understand the history of Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robustos, it is important to first discuss the origin and recognition of Cuban cigars. When unveiling the history of cigars, we cannot fail to recognize the roles played by the ancient voyagers such Christopher Columbus, countries such as Spain and Cuba as well as France and Portugal. Cuban cigar enthusiasts have enjoyed this brand of tobacco for over two hundred years and will continue to do so for the next several years.
It is not clearly known from history when or where the first cigar was smoked. The data available suggests that the first mention of Cuban cigars was when Christopher Columbus reported that Cuban Indians smoked a certain primitive form of tobacco made from dried tobacco twisted and wrapped with palm or plantain. This news spread so fast in Europe when other sailors emulated the habit and started to practice the same in their countries. When Cuba finally became a colony of Spain, the habit was cemented. This happened around the year 1492 and from that time tobacco smoking has never been taken aback.
With continued use of tobacco, Europeans realized that Cuban tobacco was of a superior quality and so dropped their own in favor of the Cuban brand. Before that, only sailors carried with them small packs of Cuban leaves for their enjoyment through the journey. However, when it became clear that Cuban cigar was taking over Europe and so they started importing tobacco seeds of the habano type. With this, commercialization of tobacco farming started in Europe and soon to the Americas.
The term cigar was developed from an ancient Mayan language for smoking termed sikar which is cigarro in Spanish. There were several other variations of this word but they were not to be used until several centuries later when it became a common name for tobacco made in a similar form. Tobacco was produced in large quantities in Cuba and exported in total to Europe but processing did not take off until the early nineteenth century.
Tobacco smoking became stylish in Europe especially among the war veterans returning from the civil wars at that time of history. Some proponents of tobacco claimed that it had some medicinal value and so encouraged its use among the ailing and wounded soldiers. Others; however, associated tobacco with evil because of its stimulant effects on its smokers. This caused the banning of tobacco smoking in Spain and Britain by King Philip II and James I respectively. This did not dampen the spirits of cigar enthusiasts and the habit was carried on until early 19th century.


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