H. Upmann No.2
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H. Upmann No.2

  • Ring Guage: 52
  • Length: 156 mm / 6.1 inches
  • Duration: 1.05 hours- 1.20 hours
  • Strength: Medium to Full
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: Spicy
  • Cigars:
  • Packaging:
  • Status:
  • History:
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H Upmann No.2 cigar has tapered appearance and represents one of the ingenuity of the famous H Upmann tobacco industries. It is made from pure ‘habano’ tobacco grown in Cuba. H Upmann No. 2 has perfect combustion as well as splendid flames. As it burns, you will feel changing flavor from slightly woody, spicy sweet and as you approach the second third you begin to feel the flavor of concentrated coffee. The power rises gently from the fist third and achieves its full potential in the last third. This brand is cost-effective but still provides cigar enthusiast with the same taste and flavor as the other Upmann Cuban cigars.


Among the cigars in the market today, Upmann cigars could be the oldest. The history of this brand dates to as early as 19th century with the discovery of the Cuban tobacco. During this time, smokers were treated to some primitive kind of tobacco that originated from Spain. However these were superseded by Cuban tobacco which continues to rule the world of cigars today.
The history on H Upmann cigars dates back to 1840s. Prior to advent of the Cuban tobacco, voyagers returning to Europe from South America, Christopher Columbus in particular reported that Cuban Indians were smoking a primitive kind of tobacco which they made from dried tobacco leaves wrapped in certain leaves. People in Europe emulated this habit and therefore the birth of tobacco smoking in Europe. The initial countries Europe in which smoking took precedence were Spain, France and Great Britain.
There was widespread use of tobacco for a couple of years in Europe and some enthusiast even thought of tobacco as a therapeutic agent, claims that were discredited. Some critics also believed that there were some vices associate with tobacco smoking and therefore asked the authorities to barn this habit. Following this, tobacco smoking was banned in certain European countries, Spain included. You might have noticed that tobacco contains an active ingredient referred to by chemical analysts as nicotine. This chemical name was crafted by French ambassador to Portugal called Jean Nicot after himself.
Cuban tobacco gained popularity when European smokers realized that Spanish tobacco was indeed inferior to that of Cuban origin. Following this realization, the European tobacco was dropped in favor of the Cuban one. The word cigar originated from the traditional Mayan word sikar meaning smoking. This was translated into Spanish as cigarro. The word cigar was not to be used until the eighteenth century with the start of commercial production of tobacco and cigars. In as much as high quality tobacco was grown and exported from Cuba, no cigars were being processed in Cuba at that time.


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