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    In 1997, Guantanamera started the journey from Florida, Miami. After some years Guantanamera was launched by Corporacion Habanos and that was their own version of the brand. In 2001, the great production of Guantanamera Cigar Company created exclusive image and became the symbol of perfection. The surprising fact is that this cigar is a brand of USA. United States was competed with the Corporacion Habanos for the rights of Guantanamera and they tried to get the rights to find the authority and became the legal trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.


    The flavor and the unique appearance of this cigar make it more special. It has its name from the famous song “Guantanamera” created by Joseito Fernandez in 1929. The song was become so popular at that time, and many Latin musicians modified it and also created many versions of it. Special Wooden Barrels used in Guantanamera, and filled with unique tobacco, the aim of the Guantanamera production is to deliver smooth flavor that is different from other cigars. The lighter favor Guantanamera is liked by all kind of people, as it tend to be full bodied and also medium bodied flavor. After the third barrel fermentation the Guantanamera fillers get its smooth flavor and body. It fills with two best Cuban leaves that is- Seco and Ligero. The blend is very smooth and tasty, so people, who want perfectness, love Guantanamera. The strength of this cigar is robust and strong, so attract people a lot. Who want to have a soft flavor with the taste of coffee Guantanamera is the best option. Cream sensation can be found in this brand, within the range in the 4/10 to 6/10 area. Each and every cigar of Guantanamera has different taste, some of them have black coffee taste and some them has the fresh roasted flavor of coffee beans. And the taste of the limited edition is tremendous and has aged wrapper. People who tasted Guantanamera with leathery taste with the finest flavor will never going to forget that in their life. In favor of Corporate Habanos ruled in the beginning of 2008, by the Appeal Board and Trademark Trial. One appeal was filed for the Columbian District by GCC along with US district Court just after that. Corporate Habanos was a foreign entity, so GCC was bound to do the appeal for them. Corporate Habanos was published one advertisement with US sales and distribution in 2009. One famous cigar company Guantanamera then filed one appeal against Corporate Habanos in the court of United States. The advertisement placed by Corporate Habanos in one cigar magazine was changed the situation and they started to face harder situation. After sometime the appeal was dismissed because an advertisement is not good enough reason according to the Lanham Act. The case was not long lasting and dismissed voluntarily, but the effect stayed for a long time. 5th August 2010, the US District Court of Columbia, accepted Guatanamera Cigar Brand based on Miami. This was the appeal effect as the Judgment was done as the fact is ruled by Cuba. In 14th September 2002 Guatanamera was published in Dortmund, the Corporacion Version. And from October it is launched internationally. The name Guatanamera came from one Spanish song. The title was "Guajira Guantanamera" a Spanish word means “pleasant girl”. The writer was José Fernández Díaz, a very famous one at that time. This brand became very popular very soon, as it has high quality tobacco flavors and also comes from the best region in Cuba. The reputation rose to fast of this brand all over the world and soon it became one of the best brands. Guantanamera has the reputation and popularity, people generally do not pay their attention on its price, though sometimes it is high than the other brands. The flavors and aroma of Guantanamera is special, because it has ligero tobacco in it. This kind of tobacco, are top level leaves with the most high quality flavor and also strongest. Some of the products have nice coffee flavors with a twist of sweetness. Still most of the products have strong taste with bold smoking. The cigar comes with clear plastic tube, with great branding. It also has a nice and dark wrapper with extraordinary flavor. The head has been cut fir the people of this cigar, and also has high quality wrapper. Those who love a faint taste of tobacco, this cigar give the highest quality of taste for them. It has not highly qualified veins, and the cap has rough node. But that is not going to trouble when anyone is trying this best cigar. Therefore, this cigar is best option for the novice smokers. With the spicy art of flavors it can fades into a woody taste with toasted notes. With the best performance and great service it is one of the best and popular cigars. Until the last puff people enjoy this brand and that’s the secret of the popularity of Guantanamera all over the world. Floral aroma is one of its great specialties. It has fine burn, and soft smoke. It gives permission to enjoy the flavor for the people. From the beginning to the end it gives a high quality of flavor. It always gives a great smoking flavor. It gives a great outlook and has a clear plastic wrapper. Puritos, Compay, Decimos and Cristales are the famous cigars in this brand. This brand is quite new then the other Cuban mild flavored cigar, but has a great tobacco flavor. This brand was gain its popularity as it is the most perfect machine made brand and has the cost effective prices. The blend was tremendous with a bit tannic taste. The choice has the flexibility and the customers can bear the cost as it was very affordable. Still it is one of the best brands with competitive price and has long filler with hand rolled configuration. Guantanamera has a fantastic outlook with its wooden cover and great design. Unlike other brands as the origin of this brand different, so the taste is also different. It is a best seller cigar, because of its price and its pride.


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