Where do you deliver?

We can handle worldwide shipping so delivery is guaranteed regardless of your location. However, prior to placing your orders, please bear in mind that tobacco laws are not the same in every country. There are other countries wherein the delivery of Cuban cigars is not permitted. Therefore, it is always best to check out the applicable laws regarding your order before attempting to bring in Cuban cigars to your country.

We are not held responsible for all the taxes, shipment delays as well as other inconveniences due to local customs and various offices. Please be aware that we are not in control of the rules and policies of customs offices worldwide. We presume that every client is aware of all the regulations and conditions being implemented by the customs in their home country.

How long is the waiting period for the arrival of orders?

Please be aware that it will take 30 days before you receive your orders. This does not include weekends as well as holidays. But then, we can manage to ship your products the very same day you place your order or the following day. Delays of shipment can be due to some reasons like being out of stock of products. In such cases, we will give you a call and will provide you with the option to cancel your orders.

Does the color of the cigar wrapper have an effect on its taste?

In actuality, there are about seventy colors of wrappers available for purchase most particularly Cuban cigars. The Montecristo 4 is the best example of Habanos Cuban that is available in different wrapper colors. You can find it in green, brown, dark brown, reddish and “oscudro” or the darkest variety.

If you wish for a particular wrapper when placing your order, we will take the best efforts to get you the color wrapper you requested. With regards to the selection ranging from light to dark brown, the blend of Habano Cuban cigar is almost the same despite of the wrapper color. The truth is, the color of the wrapper does not have an effect on the power of the cigar, its taste and strength. The cigar wrapper only has a 3% effect on all these factors.

The age of the cigar does have more effect on its power and flavor. For instance, a Montecristo 4 aged for 6 months will not burn the same way with the same cigar that is more than 3 years old. It is the same thing when compared to a cigar over 5 years of age.

Can you smoke the cigar once they arrived?

Ideally, it is advised to let your cigar rest in the storage or the humidor for up to seven days. This is recommended to allow the cigar to recover from the tension of shipping. It must be noted that the cigars are a living matter and can change according to the environment. If you store it in the humidor for weeks the fermentation process continues and your cigar will further improve its flavor. As much as possible, give some time and they will be ready. Along with this, you will be in need of the right humidor so that you can store any type of cigar accordingly.

How do you carry out deliveries? How long will it take to get my cigars?

We ship your cigar in the fastest time possible. Typically, you can have your orders at your doorstep in 30 days with tracking number online. In such cases, the shipping will take about one to two days in case of no delay. We assure that you will receive your order securely without any damage. If you want to get more information with our shipping and other policies for delivery of your cigar, feel free to visit our “shipping” page.

What if my order does not arrive?

In case that your cigars were not delivered as you expected, we ask you to be extra patient. The quoted delivery times may vary depending on certain circumstances that are beyond our control. If your order does not arrive in 20 days excluding weekends and holidays, you can have the choice to ask for a reshipment or refund. If you opt for reshipment, your right to request for a refund will be waived in case the package did not arrive at all. We DO NOT reimbursed orders declined by customers that simply dont want to pay taxes. Once again, we can´t be fully aware of each Domestic Customs Office around the world. However, if you receive both orders, we will be asking for reshipment fees on the two orders. If you are in such situation, do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you with the process.

Do the orders come with original package when shipped?

Absolutely we only deliver our products with its original boxes. We ship in original boxes to most countries. To avoid any problems with some country customs, we will send Cigars separate from the Rings and the original box.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept various types of payments such as AMEX, VISA credit cards and bank transfers. You can order cigars from us online and pay using any of these methods. If you have concerns, please contact our customer service group who can provide you with all the detailed information regarding payments.

Do you require certificates for cigar importation?

No. In case the customs open your cigar package, they will let you know of the import fees that are required from you.

What if I am not satisfied with the orders?

If you are not happy with the cigars, you may return them within seven days along with the original packaging and receipt for instant exchange or refund. You need to return about 95% of the order. Feel free to contact customer service group for the instructions.

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