Diplomaticos No.4

Diplomaticos No.4

  • Ring Guage: 42
  • Length: 129mm / 5 inches
  • Duration: 30-40 min
  • Strength: Light to Medium
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: Spicy
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Talking about real Cuban classics then Diplomaticos was the first post-revolutions cigar brand and was commercially launched in the year 1966. Although Cohiba is the foremost Cuban cigar manufacturing brand but due to its access limited to government officials and for the president Fidel Castro in earlier times Diplomaticos being available for everyone gained huge popularity later Cohiba was in commercial access by the year1982. The brand proved itself to be an asset by presenting worldwide cigar lovers a blend of rich flavors, unique taste notes and flawless appearance. In this section we are getting into every minute detail about Diplomaticos No. 4 Cuban Cigar from Habanos, SA.


During initial launch the product had flavors almost similar to Montecristo cigars. Being a less expensive rich flavored cigar it had huge demand was really desired one. Another reason this brand gained massive popularity is because it was the first post-revolution Cuban cigar brand available for every cigar enthusiast. This cigar after few years gave an amazingly striking surprise to all Diplomaticos cigar lovers by launching a complete new style and distinctively flavored real Habanos. This was such a unique and unsurpassed leap that brought the brand on to the top charts with increasing demand even by newbie cigar smokers from all over the globe. All the cigar lovers who started their smoking journey from early 60s are well aware of profound popularity and desire of this demand. Being a full-bodied torpedo-shaped Cuban Cigar this takes you to smooth flavorful ride with unusually flawless appearance and effort-less draws. Torpedo shapes were most like since past many years and stands as one of the finest treasured vitola for collectors worldwide. Even for those looking for a mellow flavorful Cuban Cigar Diplomaticos No.4 is a fine catch with perfect flavor combinations preserved naturally leaving light soothing aroma on every draw. Looking on to this beauty I can say that Diplomaticos No.4 is a finely rolled joint with light woody-brown color with smart torpedo-shape giving you a hint of unusual aromas wrapped inside. In order to get a smooth and hassle-free burn which becomes quiet typical for newbie get your cigar clipped before lighting it up you will definitely have an unsurpassed and error-free balance draws all through till the end. The even burn of this vitola maintains a subtle ember with light-grey color. Those who are familiar with holding and burn style may not require clipping and can have unusual flavor ride with a kick start filled of chocolate and caramel taste soothing your senses. The complex technique involved in construction of cigars make them unique and let your experience a difference between true Habanos and a non-Habanos. You will nowhere find a wave and hard/soft patches or a pungent strong tobacco hint on your Cuban vitola. The uniform consistency and spot-less appearance has become a trade-symbol for these brands. You will never be disappointed from a real Diplomaticos Cuban cigar filled of striking and amazingly soothing flavors. Well it is quiet a fact that torpedo-shaped cigars have been the most desired one of all time. This beautiful Diplomaticos No. 4 being a torpedo shaped or can say the pyramid like structure gives it a great balance on hold and also leaves subtle ash with no hassles of tapping it every now and then. The journey of mild and well-toned flavors start striking your taste buds straight from your first draw, rejuvenating your senses in center part with peppery notes and finally a creamy, cocoa touch on last few draws. Again to mention the sweet woodiness escorts your taste-buds with mellow herby taste all through the joint which has become a real Cuban cigar flavor. Every cigar is trade-mark of rich quality and wrapped into a smart vitola revealing its hidden unsurpassed smoking experience in every draw. The Diplomaticos No. 4 is a mild roller-coaster of flavors with earthy punch blend finely with peppery notes and moist creamy woodiness leading to a sweet aftertaste lasting for long. These cigars are made from first-rate tobacco leaves from a Cuban region named ‘Vuelta Abajo'. Completely hand-made comprising long-filler this complexly rolled Cuban Habanos holds your senses till the end with mellow aroma and richly exotic flavor notes complementing your taste buds with distinctive earthy, woody hint leaving sweetness on your taste buds for hours.


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