Diplomaticos No.3

Diplomaticos No.3

  • Ring Guage: 42
  • Length: 142 mm / 5.5 inches
  • Duration:
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Reviewers claim that the vast array of spices like nuts, caramel make it an excellent choice for people interested in a woody, chocolate or even toasty distinctive tastes. A thick creamy smoke appears and it is not one bit rustic or acidic and the real pros suggest that you let it stay for at least some time before you smoke it so that it becomes really matures. Once matured try and combine it with roasted and dark coffee beans to experience cigar heaven. Failure to which, you ought to get accustomed to the flowery and even vegetal taste which is not also half as bad.


John F. Kennedy remains to be one of the most famous American presidents by any standards you can possibly think of. People might be misled into believing that President Obama has really gotten us, the masses super excited about elections and politics but the truth of the matter is that his fame and popularity pales into the background when compared to the spirit that was seen in the sixties. Yes, it is without an iota of doubt that Obama is relegated to the second slot by the president who was fondly referred to only using the initials, JFK.
What is it that really made JFK stand out from the rest of the pack of new age presidents and leaders of the world not Mr. Obama alone? What is it that people simply found irresistible and adorable? Well, according to our own prognosis we think that this had to do with a couple of reasoning’s. Top among this would be the irrevocable fact that he was drop-dead gorgeous and devilishly handsome. Second would be that he identified with people on a personal scale that no other president had even been able to come a quarter of a mile to attaining. Skipping all the awesome agendas that he and his team had come up with as part of their democratic agenda let us get into what fascinates us the most about the guy. Anyway this brand was introduced in the year 1966, right around the same time JFK was dying, thanks to an assassin’s bullet.
For starters, he was regularly pictured and photographed coolly and calmly puffing on a cigar while up and about with the drop-dead gorgeous, super-model wife Jacki-O. Rumor has it that he smoked for a great deal of his life and the same sets of unconfirmed information goes ahead and adds that his favorite brands were all hailing from the neighboring communist state of Cuba. And the Diplomaticios brand was mostly meant to offer completion in the French market for the other popular brand the montecristo, and the plan worked remarkably well too.
It is quite bemusing to read that as he was preparing to hit Cuba with not only full-sanctions but also with all other manner of weapons of mass destructions and ballistics he secretly advised his aide to stock-pile on Cuban cigars well before hand. He was pre-empting the counter-measures that Cubans would take and that would revolve around them banning all Cuban cigar sales to North America. And my oh my wasn’t his timely move wise and well-informed.


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