Diplomaticos No.1

Diplomaticos No.1

  • Ring Guage: 42
  • Length: 165 mm / 6.4 inches
  • Duration: 20-30 min
  • Strength: Light to Medium
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: Spicy
  • Cigars:
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  • History:
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With a lighter blend than the Montecristo cigars, the Diplomaticios is also cheaper than the latter. It comes filled with an abundant array of aromatizing and wildly tasty flavors that you would expect in any cigar brand from Cuba. Irrevocably, it is the one cigar that happens to have a great draw and also owing to the splendid construction it will burn smoothly and sweetly from start till the very end. If you are a fan of the big creamy smoke then this is just the cigar for you. It starts of grassy, some would even say vegetal and towards the mid-section it turns to a more pronounced cedar taste or even vanillaish and then as it approaches the tip it feels more of chocolatish.


The Diplomaticios No.1 has a rich and at times even uncertain history that begins with the end of the Cuban revolution. We are made to learn that after the revolution that saw Cuba side more with the East than with the West, the leader of their revolution, Fidel Castro saw it fit and apt to make all Cohibas his own personal business.
He gave out an order that all the hand-made cigars that would be coming from any factory within his jurisdiction would not be allowed to cross the borders. Yeah, the locals would smoke it to their hearts extent but it was completely forbidden for it to cross the border especially headed in the direction of the US.
The close proximity of Florida and Cuba made it a next to impossible feat for the president’s order to be pulled through. To be more precise, the soaring demand for a great smoke by the Americans made it even harder for the black market operatives to turn down the mouthful of orders and offers, mostly worth many, many hundreds of dollars, down. And this is not even mentioning that the police and the authorities have always been as corrupt as hell.
Yes, even though the access of cigars was not as easy and convenient as it is nowadays there were some who never even noticed the difference, back in those days. These cadres of lucky and privileged individuals were the diplomats and the high ranking government envoys from the nations that were in good terms with the Cuban administration.
And it is without a doubt that this is where the name of the cigar we are talking about came from. Only diplomats were able to get the cigars as presents from Castro up to and until the end of the cold war. The very first time that these cigars saw the light of day was in 1982. The factory that had been producing these cigars was founded or established many years before this in the year of 1966. As we were saying earlier on these line came up to battle or compete with the Montecristo brand which was hailed as being the undisputed, number one hand-made cuaba Cuban cigar of all time. So in line with trying to make them look as similar as they possibly could, the designers of the Diplomaticos introduced it in five numbered sizes, just as is the case with the Montecriso.
But somewhere along the line, in the eighties, the makers of the diplomaticios line introduced two more brands to the line making a total of seven but they were later dropped due to unspecified reasons.


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