Cohiba Siglo VI (10 cigars)

Cohiba Siglo VI (10 cigars)

  • Ring Guage: 52
  • Length: 115 mm / 4. 5 inches
  • Duration: 1hour-1.30hour
  • Strength: Medium
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: creamy
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Cohiba-Siglo-VI-(10-cigars) The Cohiba Siglo VI (10 cigars) comes with a varnished box and aluminum pouch that looks so enticing. It is regarded as one of the best tobacco that has been rolled in the islands of Cuba. It is very fresh with notes of grass at the first few puffs and will later turn into a smooth, silky and creamy blend. It features a myriad of enticing aroma that ranges from woody to earthy and spicy tones, a perfect combination. It is more superior than the Esplendido gaining the crown. It is a very pure cigar from the Havana which can give an increasing pleasure with every puff. It is a highly recommended cigar for tobacco lovers worldwide.

Cohiba-siglo-VI-(25-cigars) The Cohiba Siglo VI (25 cigars) has a similar construction and texture with other Cohiba cigars like the Robustos but there are also great differences. This vitola features a fruity and woody dominant taste packed in its thick body which is why it is also called as “Canonazo”. If you will smoke further, you will be able to unravel the the immense cream and coffee flavors that are truly delightful. The draw is impressive as well as its burn. Overall, the Cohiba Siglo VI is presented in an elite format that can only be found in Habanos. The larger format makes it more enjoyable to savor its taste and aroma with total intensity.


(Cohiba-Siglo-VI-(10-cigars) The Linea 1492 was released in 1992 by the Cohiba brand to mark the 500th year anniversary of the great voyager Christopher Columbus arrival to the Americas most specifically the islands of Cuba. It was originally composed of five cigars but a new Siglo was added in 2002 to celebrate such a memorable date. The Cohiba VI was made available internationally in the year 2003. However, it is very limited with the scarcity of the finest raw materials used in its production.
The Cohiba VI is an elite format that only the Cohiba brand can produce. The large format makes it more exciting to totally appreciate its goodness, aroma and flavors. The Siglo VI along with the other vitolas in the Linea 1492 is a collection of intense cigars that will satisfy even the most experienced palate.
Cohiba is one of the famous Cuban cigars with a very intriguing history and superb quality. They were discovered in the 1960s during the rule of Fidel Castro. But that time, they were nameless cigars smoked by one of Castro’s bodyguards. It all started when Castro smelled a very aromatic cigar puffed by Bienvendo Perez, his bodyguard. Perez gave some to Castro and from then on, he fell in love with these tobaccos.
The cigars were rolled by Eduardo Rivera, a close friend of Perez. Not long after, Castro asked him to produce the cigars in a small factory situated in a secluded mansion in Little Lake or El Laguito. From then on, smoking these cigars has been Castro’s most loved pastime. Initially, they were called “Fidel’s Cigars”. For over two decades, these cigars were reserved for his personal consumption and other high offals. These cigars were also given as gifts to foreign diplomats and dignitaries. The name Cohiba was given by Celia Sanchez, the head of the El Laguito factory.
The term “Cohiba” was derived from the Taino Indians term for the bunch of leaves they used as fillers to a pipe they called tobacco. During the expedition of Columbus, his sailors encountered the native of the islands and witnessed the religious ritual where they smoke these cluster of leaves. They bought some of these in the Old World and so the name of the first known cigars was Cohiba.
For 20 long years, these cigars remained for private consumption. In 1982, they were permitted for wide scale production. It was the same year when the World Cup in Spain was held. Initially, three vitolas were released called the Lancero, Panetela and Corona Especial. These are the personal favorites of the late Cuban leader.

Cohiba-siglo-VI-(25-cigars) The history of the Cuban cigars specifically the Cohiba brand can be traced back as early as 1492. It was the time when Christopher Columbus who journeyed to the New World came across the islands of Cuba where his sailors found that natives of the area smoking cluster of dried leaves in bamboo pipes that the aborigines refer to as “Tobacco”. When they voyaged back to Spain, they brought some of these leaves and and he mistakenly called the leaves as tobacco instead of Cohiba, which is the term used by the natives to call the first ever cigar.
Hence, the term tobacco and Cohiba are really closely related to each other. If there is one word that would best describe a cigar, it would surely be Cohiba. Centuries later, the Cohiba cigar brand emerged in 1968, but they were only reserved for discreet consumption of the former Cuban President Fidel Castro and his officials. But from there, the Cohiba brand has gone so far making it the king of all Cuban cigars.
If you wish to smoke a great cigar with a relishing history. Hence, it will be nice to have a Cohiba cigar puffed at any occasions. The Cohiba cigars are filled with rich flavors that can be more than satisfying to cigar aficionados worldwide. The Cohiba cigars have fillers harvested from the well recognized tobacco plantations in the province of Pinar del Rio, district of Vuelta de Abajo. These plantations were known as the San Juan Martinez and the San Luis.
Undoubtedly, the Cohiba cigars are the flagship of the Habanos brand. It has a fascinating origin since they were originally privately supplied to the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and his top officials in the Communist Part of the state. Oftentimes, these cigars were given as presents to Castro’s family, friends as well as the diplomats and dignitaries which lead to the development of the “cult status”.
But how did the Cohiba cigars fall into the discreet use of Castro? The Cohiba brand commenced when Castro noticed his guard Bienvenido Perez smoking extremely fragrant cigars. Triggered by his curiosity, Castro asked Perez for a cigar and he loved its qualities. Perez revealed that they were nameless and were only rolled by his friend. The man who made these controversial cigars is Eduardo Rivera, a cigar maker in a tobacco factory called La Corona.
Since Castro was fascinated with the cigars, he requested Rivera along with other five cigar rollers to be his personal cigar maker They managed to set up a small plant situated in a diplomatic mansion just outside the Havana. The factory was called the El Laguito Factory or The Little Lake Factory.


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