Cohiba siglo V

Cohiba siglo V

  • Ring Guage: 43
  • Length: 170 mm / 6.6 inches
  • Duration: 45min-1hour
  • Strength: Medium
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: creamy
  • Cigars:
  • Packaging:
  • Status:
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The Cohiba Siglo V cigar is another vitola from the Linea 1492 introduced in the market in 1992. This very fine cigar is wrapped in a sweet and creamy smelling wrapper that are truly delightful. The flavors are a perfect blend of saltiness, sourness with immense chocolate flavor and all the good things. The first few puffs of the Siglo V will give you a delightful blend of floral notes that can excite the entire palate. The burn and draw are also flawless making this Cohiba one of the most sought after Cohiba on the market. No wonder, this cigar in its unlit state is like smelling the scent of a delicate angel so what more if you actually get to smoke it?


The Cohiba Siglo Line has been out on the market for over 16 years. Its official name is the Linea 1492 which initially composed of five cigars also known as the group of five. It is regarded as one of the Cohiba brand’s most recognized cigars among Habanos lovers. It was rumored to replace the popular Davidoff Chateau Line that halted production in the year 1991 together with other Swiss based tobacco in various ranges.
The production of the Linea 1492 cigars has been conducted in the tobacco rolling rooms of the very popular Partagas factory that is situated along the capitol building in Havana.The Siglo V is the cigar with the greatest length among the Siglo series. It is referred to as the “Dalias” among the cigar rollers in Partagas. Its size is almost identical to the acclaimed Partags 898. But then, the Siglo V is more refined and richer which can be attributed to the special treatment given to Cohiba cigars.
The wrapper and filler used in all the Cohiba cigars were chosen from the finest plantations in the province of Pinar del Rio. Cohiba cigars are also processed in a manner that is distinct and more precise than other Cuban cigars. The major key is that the fillers used in these cigars have gone through a special fermentation and aging process held in Havana after having been delivered from the provinces warehouses.
In fact, the late administrator of the Cohiba factory during the time of the Siglo series launch refers to the Siglo line most specifically the Siglo V as the special among the Cohiba cigars. In fact, this cigar was the best cigars ever reviewed in the year 2009. But do you ever wonder how come this prestigious brand came about?
It all started in the year 1966 when the island of Cuba is undergoing Revolution. During that time, the island is ruled by the famous dictator named Fidel Castro. One day, he saw one of his troupe members smoking a very aromatic tobacco. He was so intrigued with the cigar as it smells very nice so he asked for it and was so taken aback by its powers and flavors. It all turned out that the cigar were nameless and only rolled for Perez, Castro’s bodyguard by his comrade working as a cigar roller in La Corona named Eduardo Rivera.
In love with the cigars, Castro asked Rivera to put up a little factory in El Laguito where he will roll the cigars exclusively for the Cuban President. The factory was placed under strict security due to the assassination plots against Castro. During that time, using cigars as an explosion device is a rumored way to implement assassination attempts.


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