Cohiba Secretos Maduro 5 (Box25)
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Cohiba Secretos Maduro 5 (Box25)

  • Ring Guage: 40
  • Length: 110 mm / 4.3 inches
  • Duration: 20-30 min
  • Strength: Medium to Full
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: chocolate
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  • Status:
  • History:
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The Cohiba Secretos Maduro 5 (Box25) is the top secret of the Maduro 5 series. It is considered as the nirvana of the Cohiba cigar brand. Each roll is made from the finest maduro leaves from the district of Vuelta Abajo in Cuba. It is one powerful cigar loaded with pepper and earthy aromas with smoke that lingers in the mouth. The construction is also flawless with a very neat combustion and suction resulting in a perfect burn. It is truly a first class Cohiba covered in a five year old wrapper with ring gauge 40 and 110 mm length. A marvelous stick filled with rolling taste and fantastic draw. Very subtle and less aggressive than vitolas like Trinidad Reyes but more complex than the Siglo line. The Cohiba Maduro 5 Secretos is a tasty Petit Crown which is among the latest vitolas under the Maduro 5 line covered in the dark maduro leaves that have gone through 5 years aging. It is packed with coffee aromas that can ignite the senses followed with notes of sweetness and spice.


The Cohiba brand possesses a very rich historical origin in the heart of Cuba and the Havana. The story of the Cohiba all started when the dictator Fidel Castro observed that his bodyguard was smoking a very aromatic cigar. Due to his curiosity, he asked his guard where did he get his cigars. The guard replied and said that the fragrant rolls were gifts from from a comrade Eduardo Rivera who is a Cuban cigar roller.
Since Castro was very impressed with the cigars, he hired Rivera to make these particular cigars for his personal consumption. He even gives these cigars as presents to the high rank Cuban officials and foreign diplomats. To make the production more comfortable, Castro gave Rivera an old mansion to serve as a factory for cigar making.
Castro was very reserved when it comes to the manufacturing of his personal cigars. There was tight security in the factory that was producing these cigars called the El Laguito Factory also known as Little Lake. Apart from keeping the cigars for his personal use, Castro was afraid of the assassination attempts from the CIA. No doubt, Casto really wants a special cigars only reserved for his use.
Not long after, Castro finally allowed the cigars to be sold to the masses. That was initiated in the year 1982 which ended the long wait of the public for the release of these premium cigars on the market. The Cohiba brand instantly have become a popular thing to cigar smokers in Cuba and all over the world. This is due to the cigar’s superior quality and distinct features.
During its first launch, the Cohiba brand was composed of three sizes including the Corona Especial, Lancero and the smallest one called the Panetela. Seven years later, three additional sizes or vitolas were introduced such as the Esplendido, Robusto and the Exquisito. All these six cigars were collectively known as the Classic Line of the Cohiba brand.
Five years after, the Habanos SA initiated another series called the Linea 1492 in commemoration of the explorer Christopher Columbus journey to the Americas. Each of the vitola under the series were named after the century of his discovery. The first batch were the Siglo I, II, III, IV and V. In 2002, the Siglo VI was added to the series.


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