Cohiba Robustos
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Cohiba Robustos

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  • Ring Guage: 50
  • Length: 124 mm / 4.8 inches
  • Duration: 45min-1hour
  • Strength: Medium to Full
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: Grassy
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The Cohiba Robustos is the perfect representation of quality Cuban cigars made from the finest materials. It is the cigar that features the perfect blend of taste and power. These qualities made it one of the most sought after Habanos today. What is noticeable with this cigar is its immense flavor that can be described as loosely bitter, a bit dry and woody at the middle but with extreme sweetness at the final third. The Robustos is a little bit hot and this lasts for a long period. The combustion is very good and even making it one of the top selling Cuban cigars under this format. Overall, the Robustos can be rated 100% in all aspects.


The Cohiba is considered as the Ferrari of all the cigars in the world. These cigars were once only made available to dignitaries and high officials but they can be purchased now at physical and online stores. The Cohiba brand symbolizes power, prosperity, success and all the good things in life. It has a very colorful history that gives positive feelings to its consumers. Beyond doubt, the Cohiba brand is the king of all the cigars worldwide.
It was actually Christopher Columbus, the man who discovered America in the year 1492 who first discovered Cohiba. This discovery was taken from his accounts during his expedition. It was not in China, India or Japan that the first cigars were found. In his journal, it is written that the island of Cuba is the home to the herbs called by the native inhabitants as “Cohiba”. They are called the Taino Indians and used the herbs as smoke by placing them in a pipe they call as “Tobacco”. During that time, smoking was not performed as a recreational activity but to accomplish a religious ritual.
These days, the Cuban Cohiba brand is known as the finest tobaccos in Cuba. These are made from the carefully chosen tobacco leaves from the Vegas Finas de Primera or highest grade tobacco fields in the island situated in the province of Vuelta Abajo. The Cohiba is extra special since the tobacco fillers used in the cigar have gone through a thorough fermentation process. They are fermented three times in wooden barrels which accounts to its richer and smoother flavor.
But then, the Cohiba has a more definite history than that of Columbus. In the year 1960’s, during the reign of the very famous Cuban dictator named Fidel Castro, he noticed that a member of his troupe, Bienvenido Perez was enjoying a very sweet-smelling cigar. Castro approached his guard and from there, he learnt that the cigars were personally rolled for him by a friend who was working in the cigar factory La Corona. Hence, the cigars in question during that time were nameless.
In his inquiry, Castro discovered that it was Eduardo Rivera who rolled the cigar for Perez. He then recruited Rivera to set up a cigar factory for him in El Laguito and his only job is to roll those cigars for personal consumption. For 20 long years, these fabulous cigars were reserved only to the Cuban dictator and the highest officials of Cuba. Family members, close friends as well as dignitaries visiting Cuba were also lucky to have these excellent cigars are gifts from Castro.


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