Cohiba Lancero Cofre
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Cohiba Lancero Cofre

  • Ring Guage: 38
  • Length: 192 mm / 7. 5 inches
  • Duration: 45min-1hour
  • Strength: Medium
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: vanilla
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The Cohiba Lancero Cofre is one of the premium Cuban cigars that features an immense taste. It possesses a tinge of bitterness but lets smokers experience the sweetness at the end for long periods. It also offers great combustion along with its immense scent with a bit of dryness into it combined with a hot resemblance. A stick of Lancero Cofre is packed with lavishness, elegance, chivalry and honor. It is a Cohiba with the liberal balance of flavor, strength and loads of nutty and floral aromas making it a true charmer. It is also not right to forget that the Lanceros Cofre is made from seco and ligero tobacco leaves that gives it its distinct grassy flavor making it a true Cohiba cigar.


The Cohiba lancer Cofre is a cigar under the Classic Line Lancero which is among Castro’s top choices. He is the man who made the Cohiba brand known to the world. This elegant, charming and refined cigar being a Cohiba had a very rich history dating back in the 1960s or way back Columbus voyage in the later years of the 1400s.
The Cohiba brand of cigars was first made known by the past Cuban President named Fidel Castro. Prior to its commercial release, the Cohiba cigars were only made available to high ranked government officials, dignitaries and his comrades. They are just a few of the lucky people who got the chance to taste these elegant cigars coming from the Cohiba brand. After two decades, the Cohiba has gained its prestige all throughout the globe. It is the trusted brand that has been supported by thousands of tobacco lovers from all over the globe.
The Cohiba cigars are known these days are the most luxurious Cuban cigar. The tern Cohiba is believed to be derived from the native word used by Taino Indians for tobacco. The Tainos inhabited the Caribbean even before Columbus reached the US during his expedition. Beyond doubt, there can be no other cigar that can be associated with the saga of the renowned leader Fidel Castor and the Cuban Revolution than the Cohiba brand.
The story about the Cohiba cigars all started during the 1960s when Fidel Castro has triumphed on the Batista’s plutocracy. During that time, he also defeated the troupes at the Bay of Pigs sponsored by John Kennedy through the counter revolutionaries in Cuba. It was during that period when Castro noticed that one of the members of the troupes Bienvenido Perez was having a unique kind of smoke that is very fragrant and tasty. Castro got intrigued by the cigar so he asked Perez about its brand, he could not say anything but it was made by his comrade named Eduardo Perez.
Rivera happens to be a cigar roller working at a cigar factory situated in Havana called the La Corona Factory. Impressed with the quality of the Cigar, Castro hired Rivera and asked him to build a small factory in an old mansion in El Laguito also called as the Little Lake. The area was just a few distance from Havana and was placed under tight security due to assassination issues by the CIA plotted against Castro.


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