Cohiba Genios Maduro 5 (Box 25)
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Cohiba Genios Maduro 5 (Box 25)

  • Ring Guage: 52
  • Length: 140 mm / 5.5 inches
  • Duration:
  • Strength: 100
  • Aroma: 100
  • Taste: 95.5
  • Cigars:
  • Packaging:
  • Status:
  • History:
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The Cohiba Genios Maduro 5 (Box of 25) is considered as the little giant Habanos. It is well known for its smooth smoke, easy and rich burn as well as its fantastic blend of flavors. It has a tinge of dark chocolate and sweet pepper along with the incredible aroma present from first until the last draw. It is most notable for its short burst of spice making it very popular with experienced smokers. This is a remarkably medium to full bodied Cuban roll with the right balance of power, aroma and flavor making it a well sought after stick to cigar aficionados from all over the world. All of these qualities can be attributed to its 5 kinds of wrappers that have aged for five years.



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