Bolivar Petit Coronas Cabinet 50
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Bolivar Petit Coronas Cabinet 50

  • Ring Guage: 42
  • Length: 129 mm / 5.0 inches
  • Duration:
  • Strength: 100
  • Aroma:
  • Taste: 100
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  • Packaging:
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The Bolivar Petit Coronas Cabinet 50 is a cigar characterized by a complex texture and ideal blend of taste which involves cinnamon, earthy leather and a bit of spicy pepper. These cigars are perfect for novice smokers who are just starting to experience the amazing taste of Cuban cigars from Havana. The draw is amazingly smooth, but powerful coming from a medium length roll. They are robust producing a creamy smoke along with a dry wooden taste. They are highly similar to the Bolivar Coronas Gigantes but comes in a smaller size which is just perfect for a great shot. If you are afraid that you will not get enough, do not because it comes in a box of 50 delightful cigars for total pleasure.


No one is really certain when the first cigar was smoked but these products have been used by native Carribean people and Americans for millenniums prior to the Europeans tobacco discovery in the 1490s. Smoking cigars have been a popular activity or hobby in Europe at the end part of the 18th century up to the 19th century. This has been so with the increased traffic of cigars and hand rolled tobaccos on return ships on the trans Atlantic.
These days, the production of cigars is a worldwide business. However, the most celebrated hand made cigars are those that comes from Cuba. These cigars are regarded as the authentic Central American cigar.
One of the famous brand of Cuban cigars is the Bolivar which comes in different forms like the Petit Coronas. The cigar takes the name of Simon Bolivar which is one of the most hailed romantic figures during the 19th century. He was the one who liberated most of the Latin America from the Spanish monarchy. He is a very influential figure in Central America with his heroic deeds. Seven years after Bolivar’s death, the Rocha cigar company situated in Havana gave tribute to him through their cigars. He called his cigar brand as Bolivar to commemorate Simon Bolivar. These cigars have the same strength and character as Bolivar making it a great cigar to smoke.
Consequently, from 1901, the Bolivar cigar is associated with romantic imagery and the most influential figure of the 19th century. Thus, it is no longer a surprising that these cigars take on the strong blend of cigar to match its powerful name.
Since the creation of the Bolivar cigars in 1901 by Jose Rocha in Great Britain, they soar in popularity. However, it was only registered in Cuba in 1921. The very same date, Rocha produces the smallest cigar in the world called the “Delgado”. The Bolivar brand became even more popular after it has been registered. Until now, the Bolivar brand is still one of the most sought after luxury cigar all over the world. In the year 1954, the Bolivar brand was purchased by the family of Cifuentes and transferred its production to Havana, in a well known cigar factory named Partagas.


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