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Product Genuineness

We take pride with our 100% genuine and fresh cigars only from Habanos S.A. Our store is the only place online that can give you the origin certificate of Habanos which best proves the authenticity of our products. All our cigar packaging always come with a warranty seal which assures that every customer buys an authentic Habanos cigar. This label can be found on the upper left portion of the package. The seal has been created using a synthetic paper base with special features such as its “auto destructive feature” that prevents any attempts of destruction or removal. The seal is not transferable and highly adhesive. It is also protected by certain elements such as scan and photocopy. The authenticity seal is also equipped with optical variations, bar codes and with micro dots viewable only by using a laser scanner. Every cigar package has a bar code on every box saved in our database which facilitates the identification of our product regardless of its destination. Through all these marks, you will be able to determine whether you really have an authentic Habanos cigar.

Customer Service

We always take pride with our excellent team that can provide you with the best customer service possible which adds up to your experience in buying Cuban cigars online. Our competent team of professionals has been always ready to lend a helping hand in order to facilitate a hassle free shopping online. In case that you are having problems with our site or you have inquiries, please contact us at any time. Just send it to [email protected] and you will surely get prompt assistance. Do not forget to include your telephone number and we will give you a return call at your convenience. We are serious about our commitment of giving 100% client satisfaction so there can be no moment that you will not be assisted. We take in all your concerns and make sure that we have the people attend to you and give resolutions. So, call us or send an email and we will always be more than willing to extend assistance.

Product Shipping

We are the company that can assure every client worldwide shipping. All you have to do is to make your order through email or phone and all these orders will be securely delivered to your desired location whether it is your home or workplace. You can have the product safe and sound so there can be no worries at all. Soon after the processing of your payment and order approval, you will receive your genuine Cuban cigars in one 10-15 days and even less. Your orders will absolutely reach your doorsteps so why purchase cigars outside the comforts of your home? There is no need to worry about giving out your credit card details or other financial accounts to make payments for our website is secured to process payments and conduct business. We are using the best Internet security tools to prevent malicious activities on the Internet. With us, your information is safe and protected from hackers and cyber criminals. You can not only trust our products but your security as well. Our worldwide delivery is also our main feature. Regardless of your location on the globe, we definitely have a way to have your orders delivered to you right on time. With us, you can enjoy shopping for lavish cigars without having to gas up or travel at all. We can ship to where you are and receive your order in its finest condition.

Always feel free to visit us and allow us to guide you to select the Cuban cigar with the right spirit to give you a more pleasurable experience. With us, you can have a more relaxing time enjoying our cigar through our guidance. Our website is entirely dedicated to novice and seasoned smokers as we have all he necessary tools and information to assist them with placing and getting their orders.

We highly appreciate all your suggestions and comments for the improvement of our customer service and entire service. It is in our best interest to offer you excellent service so do not hesitate to give us a call or send as an email.


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