Cohiba Short (10 Packs of 10)


Cohiba Short (10 Packs of 10)


Cohiba Short (10 Packs of 10)

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Ring Gauge 27
Length 82 mm / 3.23 Inch
Strength Medium
Size Short
Box 100
Availability: In stock
90% of 100
Special Price 187.00 USD Regular Price 240.00 USD
Box of 100

Cohiba Short Overview

Cohiba Shorts deliver the famous Cohiba experience in a titillating 3 ½" x 27 format. The compact size makes the Cohiba Shorts great options for on-the-go or when there isn't enough time to fully enjoy a larger smoke.

Smoking a Cohiba Short

Each Cohiba Short offers the smooth and complex character that has made larger Cohiba cigars revered around the world. Waves of spice, wood, cream, leather, and earth flavors are evident throughout the delightfully entertaining medium-bodied smoke.

Cohiba Short Value

The Cohiba Short cigars are ideal for those wanting a luxurious Cuban cigar experience packed into a brief period. With 100 cigars divided into convenient packages of 10, the Cohiba Shorts deliver outstanding value that you can enjoy anywhere.

Cohiba Short Experience

The Cohiba Short cigars might be small in size, but they deliver immense satisfaction. Cohiba Shorts are a perfect way to stock up and enjoy a high-quality 15-to-20-minute smoke anytime or anywhere, no matter your level of experience.

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