Cohiba Siglo VI (Box 10)

Cohiba Siglo VI (Box 10)

Cohiba Siglo VI (Box 10)

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Ring Gauge 52
Length 150 mm / 5.9 inches
Strength Medium to Full
Size Robusto Extra
Box 10
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Special Price 331.00 USD Regular Price 580.00 USD
Box of 10

Introduced in 2004, the Cohiba Siglo VI is a stunningly well constructed and delightfully understated cigar. It contains a particularly exclusive Cuban tobacco, which gives it a uniquely sweet taste and originality that is worth its significant price tag. 

Cohiba Siglo VI Overview

As part of the generally milder Siglo range, this Toro-shaped cigar stands at 5⅞ inches, with a 52 ring gauge. Its flavor is light- to medium-bodied, and it gives a smooth, cherry-flavored draw. Smoke unfurls in the air in front of you as its flavors unfold in your mouth. 

Smoking a Cohiba Siglo VI 

The Siglo VI wrapper is a light, swirling brown, while its construction is second-to-none with a symmetrically-seamed cap and a smooth exterior. 

This cigar offers a flavor profile that changes beautifully over time, but always retains a dark, underlying cherry taste. It’s the rare tobacco that brings rare cigar flavors. 

Beginning slowly and lightly, the cigar brings in touches of almonds before changing to an interplay between leather and honey. The classic Siglo creamy smoke holds the whole experience tightly together, while the final third feels weightier and spicier.

Cigar Value

This is a more expensive cigar than most, but the price reflects the exquisite and sturdy construction of the Siglo VI, along with the exclusive tobacco inside. Cohiba claims it’s the highest-quality tobacco in Cuba. And while that claim can be disputed, there’s no denying the distinctive smoking experience. 

Cohiba Siglo VI Experience

Given its price and rare flavors, this is a cigar for serious smokers. It holds together exceptionally well and provides a cohesive and original smoking experience. 

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