Wrapper in Cuban Cigars Taste

Daniel Stauffer December 17, 2013
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Did You Know the Amazing Contribution of Wrapper in Cuban Cigar’s Taste

Thinking that the basic tobacco blade is responsible for the taste of Cuban cigars would be an injustice to all the other factors that contribute in their flavor. The geometry of a cigar stick is vital for its wonderful taste and quality. There are a number of factors that help to make a cigar stick a real treat.

The cigars from Cuba are considered as the best blends in the world. In fact, the Cuba is the origin of the tobacco and that was discovered in old times by Christopher Columbus. To reveal the importance of a wrapper in a cigar stick, it is vital to have a closer look at the construction right from the beginning. The tobacco for the world famous Cuban blends comes from the fields of two of its provinces. Out of these, the top quality tobacco comes from the valley of Vuelta Abajo. The lands of Abajo are classified into various fields, which are specified by the brand. The topmost leaves of a tobacco plant are plucked and carefully transferred to the processing centres. Here the blades are classified using various scales and then sent to the factories. The blades undergo further classification as fillers and wrappers. The fillers are high quality and somewhat soft and fragile blades, which are splintered into small fragments, and sometimes into fine particles. The fillers are considered to be responsible for about more than half of the overall taste of a cigar. However, the taste of a filler could only be enjoyed of it is wrapped in a high-quality wrapper.

There are various kinds of wrappers used in Cuban cigars. These are classified based on size, shape, strength, color etc. Once the leaves are designated as wrappers, they are set for a proper processing. The wrappers are flattened very carefully, which helps in proper rolling and thus brings high quality of a Cuban cigar. The flattened wrappers are smoother and least likely to be broken.

The size and shape of the wrappers also affect the length and ring gauge of a cigar stick. In fact, it is the wrapper which tells you the identity of your cigar stick. The Cuban blends reflect the strength by the intensity of the color of the wrapper, i.e. the darker the color the stronger the flavours are and vice versa. To enhance the flavours and the overall taste of a cigar, the Cuban cigar experts performed various experiments by adding flavours to the wrappers as well as a binder. The wrappers when combined with certain flavours proved to evolve some fabulous tones in the basic Cuban blends. Nowadays, various flavors are added to the wrappers to enhance the taste and boost up the blend. A good number of new blends have been introduced by combining flavored wrappers of different strengths with diverse kinds of fillers.

In a nutshell, the taste of a Cuban cigar depends upon different factors and a third of it is contributed by the wrappers. A strong flavored wrapper would always dominate light filler, and thus influences a cigar’s taste to a great extent. Another interesting fact is that if a Cuban cigar is cut transversely, the wrapper to a filler ratio is 2:1 (especially in those sticks which have a small ring gauge). Thus, the wrapper has an immense influence on the taste of a Cuban cig

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