Why are Cuban cigars rated as the best in the world?

Daniel Stauffer July 15, 2019
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Cuban cigars are notorious for their amazing taste and premium quality and this is why they are some of the most expensive and desired on the market. They are made from premium materials using the best hand-rolling techniques. This fame brought the opening of a very large black market of Cuban cigars but the genuine ones are something each cigar lover will enjoy. There are many aspects that contribute to this rank of the Cuban cigars and we are going to further discuss them.

1. The tobacco

It is obvious that a good cigar has to have good tobacco. Well, Cuban cigar producers invest in the best tobacco on the market. There are many small farms in Cuba, especially in Pinar del Rio that grow the tobacco leaves using the old methods. There are even some farms that grow 100% pure tobacco. This is a type of tobacco that has no pesticides apply. For this particular type of tobacco, the insects will be picked up by hand while drying in order to prevent holes in the tobacco and decay.

What is particular about the tobacco used is that it is grown in an ideal place. The soil is very fertile and the humidity is ideal. This type of humidity is the same as the one reproduced in the humidors. The tobacco plants are certain species that have been used for generation for cigars and you could say that all these techniques have successfully passed the test of time.

The binder and the wrapper are also made from top quality materials and this is one of the main aspects that differentiates Cuban cigars from others.

2. Hand-rolling

Cuban cigars are all hand-made. This production process happens in some of the best factories in the world, all located in Cuba. The people working here are experts in their domain and this is why every hand-rolled Cuban cigar looks like a masterpiece. These people have the ability to roll cigars of all shapes and dimensions, some of the longest on the market being Partagas Lusitanias.

When you hold a Cuban in your hands you can feel the result of the amazing hand-rolling work and the years of experience. This aspect of the cigar is also very important if you want to see if a random cigar on the market is fake or not. If you held a genuine Cuban in your hands before, you will be able to tell immediately.

3. Special editions

There are many cigar producers all over the world that have special or limited edition cigars. But the ones produced in Cuba are notorious for their amazing taste and elegance, one of the best examples being Cohiba Behike 54. These special editions can be considered a pinnacle of elegance and experience, displaying the top skills and the top materials.

There are also many releases that were produced only during a specific year and they are famous among the ones that collect Cuban cigars in their humidors. These limited edition releases use a specific type of tobacco that was harvested that year with this specific purpose and this is what makes them so premium.

4. The experience

 Cuba is one of the first countries in the world to even produce cigars. The country has a cigar history that dates back 500 years ago and this is why no other producer can beat Cuba in terms of experience. All the hand-rolling techniques and the blend recipes used all over the world come from Cuba. It is obvious that they are the ones to have the greatest skills. Also, from the farmer to the hand-roller, it is all a state-family tradition that has been going for generations and generations, gaining more and more expertise as the time passed.

Lastly, there are many countries that restrict the import of Cuban cigars due to embargo reasons. This leads to great demand from the citizens and a great struggle in order to get a Cuban cigar. In the US for example, the import is very restricted and only some specific companies are allowed to bring these Cuban delights in the country.

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