Why are cigars stored in humidors?

Daniel Stauffer July 8, 2019
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Cigars are one of the most exquisite luxury products out there and they require certain care in order to be properly enjoyed. Humidors are special storage boxes that keep a certain temperature and humidity in order to preserve the cigars and keep the aroma. Some people use the humidors in order to properly age the cigar before smoking them. These are some of the basic reasons why cigar lovers buy humidors and we are going to develop them further.

1. What is a humidor?

A humidor is a special container in which cigars are stored. The overall capacity can vary from 20 cigars to thousands of pieces, of we are talking about humidor rooms. They are specially designed to keep the temperature between 70 to 75 Fahrenheit degrees and at a special humidity level. They have to be fueled with water from time to time and kept in a dry room, shielded from the direct sunlight.

In terms of materials, the humidors are usually made from cedar wood but there are some manufacturers that also use other materials. The size of the humidor should be chosen based on the number of cigars you want to store. For example, if you know that you are about to receive an exquisite box of 25 pieces of H.Upmann Magnum 50 you should have enough space for them, therefore, a medium-sized humidor should be just fine.

2. Preservation of the cigars

Many cigar lovers like to have their own selection at home. Obviously, most of the times you will not be smoking a premium cigar every day and you should have a place to store them. Leaving a premium cigar in the house can be very damaging for them because they will tend to get try and the flavor will fade in time. Moreover, the quality of the wrapper will decrease and the “premium” trait of the cigar will go away, leaving you with a dry piece of tobacco.

More than that, if the cigar is kept in an environment that is to wet, even if we are talking about the humidor, it can get moldy and it will decay. A moldy cigar is a lost cause that has no turning back. You should definitely invest in a humidor that has a humidity and temperature sensor in order to make sure that your cigars are stored in the best conditions.

Also, be very careful about the temperature. A too hot environment can lead to the growth of the tobacco beetle. This is a special type of bug that grows on the tobacco leaves and therefore also in your cigar. Make sure that the humidor is not left in a room that is too hot or in direct sunlight. It would be a great shame to have to throw away a beautiful batch of Montecristo No.5 because of this bug and the lack of attention.

3. Aging

There are many cigar lovers that buy limited edition cigars or regular cigars in order to age them. This is a very common practice if you want to be able to enjoy them in the years to come or to sell a limited edition release from a certain year at a higher price. As we said before, cigars are not to be left outside in the plain air and this is why they need this special environment, especially if you intend to keep them for a long time.

Be very careful when you stack your cigars. While the humidor may seem like a sealed device with no airflow, a little bit of ventilation between the cigars is absolutely necessary in order to make sure that they “breathe”. If they are too cramped you get the risk that they will become very moist and in time they will get moldy. Moreover, be careful which cigar you put near a certain cigar. This is a pro tip from many specialists. If you have a spicy cigar try not to put it near an earthy one because they will transfer the aroma to each other, making them both lose their initial traits. But overall, try to invest in a quality humidor in order to preserve your favorite delights.

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