The process of tobacco leaves drying

Daniel Stauffer January 21, 2019
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Have you ever tried to smoke a very young cigar or a cigar made from young tobacco leaves? Trust me, they are the worst cigars that you could ever taste. If the tobacco leaves are not dried they contain lots of harmful substances for the human body. Within a young cigar you can find chemicals or harmful substances as starch, proteins, carbohydrates or chlorophyll is very important recognize if a cuban cigar is perfectly aged. All these substances are toxic for the human body, so this is the main reason why the tobacco leaves are dried before being released as cigars. Actually, the word for drying in Spanish is “curado”, which means treatment. These leaves are putted at treatment.
There are different kinds of processes for taste a cuban cigar and drying the tobacco leaves: sun drying, air drying, dried above a fire and kiln drying, which is made at a very high temperature. The last method is the fastest one. This process lasts for only 2 up to 4 days. However, this process is not quite the finest one. The sole advantage of this process is that will not last too long. Yet, during the process the tobacco leaves will lose the aromas within them. In this case, people are relying on the artificial aromas. So, this process is used only when the factory is planning to produce cigars in a larger mass.

After the tobacco is harvested, the tobacco leaves are selected and afterwards they are tied in packs. There are some special drying houses where these leaves are hanged in order to dry faster. In these drying houses the sunlight is absent so the leaves cannot produce nutrients anymore. During the drying process, the leaves will get rid of all the chemical compounds, and after the process is finished they will taste better, and they will be friendlier with the smokers’ palate.
The most advantageous and common method through which the tobacco leaves are dried is the air drying one, this is one fo the things that you need to know about a cuban cigar. This method is done in special drying houses and by far it is the longest one. The tobacco leaves will be dried in 40- 60 days. However, using this method all the aromas within the tobacco leaves will be preserved, which means that the cigars which will be made from them will be of a very high quality.
La casa del tobacco also known as the drying house it is a huge building in which the tobacco leaves are let to dry. The building is strategically positioned from east to west. In that area the climatic conditions are more favorable for the tobacco leaves. In these houses are maintained a specific temperature of 28- 29 Celsius degrees and a specific humidity of 75- 85%. Also, the house has a huge door and larger windows for allowing a certain air circulation that will help at a better drying of the tobacco leaves. This is very unique as matching cigars with food
Those who work in the drying houses are able to know when a tobacco leaf is properly dried when you notice that the vein from the center of the leaf is beginning to burst.

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