Why some men hate the winter season when it comes to smoke Cuban cigars

Daniel Stauffer January 21, 2019
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There are Cuban cigars’ smokers that hate the cold season. Why? Well, it is quite simple. Compare summer time when you can lie out in the sun enjoying a great cuban cigar with the winter season when you cannot stand out at -15 Celsius degrees to smoke a cigar. Now, have you’ve seen the difference?
Actually, there are lots of people complaining that in the winter season they must reduce the number of cigars that they can smoke a perfectly aged cuban cigar perfectly aged. Also, there are other people that complain about how they must smoke a cigar in the car or in a harsh cold. These things can happen because lots of reasons.

In the first place, cuban cigars smokers are adults. This thing means that they have a family, perhaps even kids. You cannot smoke a cigar indoors as you will fill the entire house in smoke, which is not good for the health of kids or other people. In this case, you must find a different place where to enjoy the flavors of the cigars this some of the things that you need to know about a cuban cigar . These places can be in the garage, in the car, in a bar or outside in the park, where is pretty cold. When it is warm outside you can stay out in the park enjoying a good cigar without freezing. However, in the winter season this thing can be a real pain.
Another reason is that some people are still hiding from their families. Probably they have a non- smoking parent or non- smoking life partner. In this case is also bad. During summer you can go anywhere to enjoy a cigar, but during winter the things will change. You have no place to go and if you want to enjoy the cigar you must be extremely creative until you find the right place or seach a restaurant and esperiment the new trend- matching cigars with food.
Also, lots of people are going fishing. This is their great escape from home. When they are fishing they can stand, drink a beer and smoke a Cuban cigar. However, you can enjoy these things only if outside is warm enough. This means that you can only enjoy these during the spring, summer and autumn seasons. In the cold season almost no one is going fishing, and if they go the beer and the cuban cigars are almost out of question.
So, for those who are passionate of Cuban vitolas and they like to enjoy at least one cigar per day the winter season is a real pain. They must stay outside; freeze a lot, without being able to fully enjoy a cigar. So, How to taste a cuban cigar in winter? Well, the answer is not that simple. If you have small kids or a non- smoking family you can say good bye to your hobby, at least for the winter season.
Your only options are to stay out in cold, in garage or in the car. However, you can make a separate room where you can enjoy your cigars as much as you can.

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