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The process of the cigar making

Daniel Stauffer July 29, 2019
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Cigars are well-known for being some of the most expensive and luxurious premium items on the market. The price tag and the fame are both given by the long and tedious making process. There are many steps from the moment the tobacco seed is planted until the cigar is lighted up. We are presenting you this amazing process in order to better understand the long road every cigar has to make before reaching you... read more

Anatomy of the cigar

Daniel Stauffer July 22, 2019
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The cigars are some of the most luxurious good ones can buy and they have many components. Each part of the cigar is carefully made by the best cigar rollers and has a crucial part in the smoking experience. All the taste differences of the cigars come from slight variations of these components and this is why the cigars world is so interesting and complex. 1. The wrapper The wrapper is basically the outer ... read more

Why are Cuban cigars rated as the best in the world?

Daniel Stauffer July 15, 2019
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Cuban cigars are notorious for their amazing taste and premium quality and this is why they are some of the most expensive and desired on the market. They are made from premium materials using the best hand-rolling techniques. This fame brought the opening of a very large black market of Cuban cigars but the genuine ones are something each cigar lover will enjoy. There are many aspects that contribute to th... read more

Why are cigars stored in humidors?

Daniel Stauffer July 8, 2019
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Cigars are one of the most exquisite luxury products out there and they require certain care in order to be properly enjoyed. Humidors are special storage boxes that keep a certain temperature and humidity in order to preserve the cigars and keep the aroma. Some people use the humidors in order to properly age the cigar before smoking them. These are some of the basic reasons why cigar lovers buy humidors a... read more

Differences between hand-rolled and machine-rolled cigars

Daniel Stauffer July 2, 2019
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We all know that the cigars come in different names, sizes, colors, strength, and thicknesses. But another very important aspect when choosing a cigar is whether or not it was machine-rolled or made by hand. There are many aspects that differentiate these two categories, the most obvious being the price tag. We listed some of the main areas where differences occur between these two types of cigars in order ... read more